Sunday October 1st

Headed off early, going the old Palmerston Rd, doing all the waterfalls. Had lunch at the Ravenshoe pub, highest town in Australia at 930 m above sea level. Went to Innott hot springs, well nothing like I was expecting or use to. Free camping at Archers.

 Curlews  Souita Falls  Lower souita falls  Top of Pepina Falls  Pepina Falls  Windfarm Millstream Falls  Millstream Falls  Little Millstream Falls Free range chooks.


Sunday 5th March

Did the two waterfalls today and up to Tall Timbers, lovely going through the forest. Only a 4 km walk today. Got stung by a black caterpillar, boy it gave me some pain.

 A Shelter out the back of the Parks and Wildlife Centre at Mt Field National Park.  Don is standing in part of the base of a tree that has fallen, very big root system, what we can see of it.  Beautiful walkways to the falls. Russell Falls Horseshoe Falls. Russell Falls.

Day 113

Tuesday 23rd June.

How nice to wake up warm, slept with only long thermals, awesome.  Cloudy day may get a shower but heading off to see Cam falls. Well we got to do three falls, weather held off nicely until we got home then it rained, so lucky, saw Cam, Joseph and Guide falls. When we got back I did a big cook up and made some yum yum balls, we showered then did the washing and drying, all set for heading off tomorrow.

IMG_4358  Cam fallsIMG_4364 Cam Falls.IMG_4395 Joseph Falls, Trying to look over the black berries, so had to find another view, cant get down to the bottom, to dangerous.IMG_4399  Joseph Falls,IMG_4403  Guide Falls, the upper part.IMG_4405  Guide Falls second fall.IMG_4441

Guide Falls. There are two more levels but to much rubbish in front of them.


Triplet Falls, Otway National Park.

Friday 22nd April

Got all our gear ready last night, up at 6 am, left the cabin at 7.14 am, we had a good run with very little traffic getting up to the Otway Flyer and then it started to pour down with rain. We waited in the car until it eased a bit then headed over to the shelter and changed into our dirty photographer gear, boots and rain coat. Heading down the track, heaps of fungi, lots of steps. The Triplet Falls are magnificent and of course with all this rain we have been getting the reward is the falls are totally flowing.Triplet Falls

 Triplet Falls in full flow.

Right side of Triplet Falls Right side of Triplet falls. These fall are huge and cover quite an area, very hard to get them all in a photo. We headed back up out of the valley and went back to the Flyway and had our lunch. A lot of people at the were there also eating and the shop was very busy. I had pumpkin soup to warm up with herb scone, Kate had a Barramundi, salad and chips, all that walking in the cold and wet has given us a appetite. When we got back to the cabin we got stuck into cleaning the car as we were already cold and wet, I think we were as dirty as the car. Then time for us to have a clean up and warm up, got tea early and relaxed for the evening.

Off we go in the rain. Beauchamp Falls

Wednesday 20th April.

8.15 am, weather looking cloudy and wet but we are heading up to Beauchamp falls, we ended up spending all day. Getting down to the falls was very steep but we just took our time and there was lots of fungi along the way. We had black wheelie bin rubbish bags to lay in the wet on and plastic bags for the camera’s.

Beachchamp Falls, Really worth the walk down to these falls. Beauchamp Falls in the Otway’s Victoria.

Small Fungi These fungi are so tiny and it was raining, I was doing Macro shooting and all of a sudden my camera say’s error and my macro had a big problem, so I started using one of my other lens and just got in as close as I could, but it’s ok now, after lots of money spent on the macro lens.

Forest Walk. At the bottom of the hill, the stream and waterfall is just around the corner, it was so beautiful down in this forest.