Day 113

Tuesday 23rd June.

How nice to wake up warm, slept with only long thermals, awesome.  Cloudy day may get a shower but heading off to see Cam falls. Well we got to do three falls, weather held off nicely until we got home then it rained, so lucky, saw Cam, Joseph and Guide falls. When we got back I did a big cook up and made some yum yum balls, we showered then did the washing and drying, all set for heading off tomorrow.

IMG_4358  Cam fallsIMG_4364 Cam Falls.IMG_4395 Joseph Falls, Trying to look over the black berries, so had to find another view, cant get down to the bottom, to dangerous.IMG_4399  Joseph Falls,IMG_4403  Guide Falls, the upper part.IMG_4405  Guide Falls second fall.IMG_4441

Guide Falls. There are two more levels but to much rubbish in front of them.