Day 64

Monday 4th May

Well we went for a drive out to Dip Falls and then spent some time in the bush, then on our way home called into Edgecombe  beach, weather was turning bad.

IMG_5949  I found it fascinating how the farmers make dips in the paddocks to hold the water, smart really.IMG_5952 IMG_5953  View of The Nut at Stanley from our drive back out from Dip fallsIMG_5959 IMG_5960  Car park and picnic area at Dip fallsIMG_5987  Viewing platform of the falls IMG_5990  This is the view, they are so big couldn’t get the falls all in.IMG_5991  Bottom half of the fallsIMG_6037  152 steps down to the bottom to see the lower part of the falls, yes we did it.IMG_6059  Lower falls, lighting was not good .Note the rocks are a basalt.IMG_6067 IMG_6071 IMG_6078  Now the 152 steps back up.IMG_6146 IMG_6150  Outside the honey place on the Dip falls road, beautiful colours.IMG_6157  A wee tractor at the junction of a road.IMG_6174  Rocks and some of the colours, lots of these sort of rocks up this coast, all being used for geological studies.IMG_6289  This is where we have been camping, its free around the back on one side, and for power on the other side its $10 a night + $3 for showers and toilets, deposit for key which you get back when you hand the key in. Very lovely meals as well with specials on most nights of the week.IMG_6283 Sun setting with a storm coming at Port Latta in the mid  ground and The nut in the back ground. this was at Edgecombe  beach.


Day 2

Monday 23rd

I awoke to the sounds of many Kookaburra’s, such a great sound, then all the other birds started. Birds like wrens, the wee Honey eaters and the Crimson Rosella’s.

Got up at 6 am made a cuppa and just sat back and listened, the sounds were great.

Had breakfast then cleaned up, went for a bit of a walk and saw our neighbours, had a bit of a hello and wondered back, had morning tea.

We then took a drive up to the rainforest, just lovely, did one of the walks, called Sylvester Lookout, very steep.
It was nice and cool in the rainforest, we came home had lunch and then the heat got up again, but we have a wee breeze.

Went and mucked around with the birds here taking photos, got fire wood etc, was a nice relaxing afternoon.


Azure Kingfisher, we found that this is one of the spots he fishes from.

Look out walk What a lovely walk, very steep, heaps of birds, all very high in the canopy, but the view at the look out was very hazy but must be amazing on a clear day, worth the effort.

Rain forest under growth. This is rain forest under growth, and the smell is so nice, all the different forest scents.

IMG_3943  This is a White Napped Honey Eater, have not seen one of these before, they are very pretty.IMG_3962  Don over the other side of creek.IMG_3987  Nankeen Night Heron.IMG_3991  They had been harrowing the paddock.IMG_3992  The old gate. Still worked though.IMG_4001 Female Bower visiting us, they are so nosy when they get use to you being around.

Weekend away Charlie Morelands.

November 1st Friday — 3rd Sunday

Well we had time to go away for 2 nights so the camper trailer was all but packed, we’er out of here by 10.30 am on the Friday. Charlie Morelands is quiet close and such a relaxing time up there. The bird life and small critters are awesome for photography, we had some friends arriving on the Saturday that love the nature and wildlife so a good time will be had. Very dry but still water in Yabbie Creek so that’s always nice to cool off in. Here are a few shots of some of the birds I saw over the 3 days.

 Thrush, very hard to spot unless they move. Amazing camouflage. IMG_3216 - Copy  Eastern Yellow Robin with grub in mouth.IMG_3246 - Copy  I think this is a Spectacled Monarch, they are so vibrant in colour, very small.IMG_3280 - Copy  Tree Creeper of some sorts, yet to name it.IMG_3325 - Copy  Another Tree creeper of sorts.IMG_3354 - Copy  Lewin’s Honey Eater.IMG_3358 - Copy  Azure Kingfisher with food in its beak.IMG_3385 - Copy Srub Wren

Off we go in the rain. Beauchamp Falls

Wednesday 20th April.

8.15 am, weather looking cloudy and wet but we are heading up to Beauchamp falls, we ended up spending all day. Getting down to the falls was very steep but we just took our time and there was lots of fungi along the way. We had black wheelie bin rubbish bags to lay in the wet on and plastic bags for the camera’s.

Beachchamp Falls, Really worth the walk down to these falls. Beauchamp Falls in the Otway’s Victoria.

Small Fungi These fungi are so tiny and it was raining, I was doing Macro shooting and all of a sudden my camera say’s error and my macro had a big problem, so I started using one of my other lens and just got in as close as I could, but it’s ok now, after lots of money spent on the macro lens.

Forest Walk. At the bottom of the hill, the stream and waterfall is just around the corner, it was so beautiful down in this forest.