Friday 19th July

Went for a drive to checkout Shipstern Bluff track, found it and as it was early afternoon decided to do the walk to lookout only, we had the necessary water and bars, 1.5 km later we got there, time wise it was slow as pretty steep in places. Was to dangerous to go to Bluff as there’s been a lot of rain and marked off.


Day 30

Monday 13th June,  Terry Smiths Lookout.

Heading to Terry Smiths Lookout for the night, its 80 km north of Cloncurry on the Burke and Wills development road. Stopped for lunch at the Burke&Wills Roadhouse,  big place, must of been 20 vans of sorts parked in there. We got fuel @ 1.49 a litre. Got to the Lookout and there’s heaps of vans but within the two hours the place has filled up to 19 vans. Several have a drive in and drive off. There are toilets and dump point but not always water in the tank. Light tea with a early start tomorrow. Bed and it’s only 8 pm. Few photos of the day.


Whistling Kite, Mum was bringing food back for the young one, which was as big as the parent. It has a fish in its talon.


Young one and parent. Whistling Kite.


Road kill, Wedge tailed Eagle and a Whistling Kite.


When we arrived at Terry Smiths Lookout, budgies flying free, so nice to see. Terrible lighting, but still had to take it.

Day 25

Wednesday 8th June 

Had a great day. Had a good breakfast and then headed off on a hike to Indarri Falls, 3 hours round trip up over the plateau and down the cliff face,  dam steep. The colours out here are just so vivid. The falls are beautiful. The terrain is very undulating,  rocky and colourful. Alice and Jack went up to the falls in their kayak, went to the second level, we saw them at the falls. Got back at 12.30 pm.  Had to cool down, then went for a cold shower. Had lunch and just sat around for awhile,  it was 35 deg today again. Flies are bad. Wearing the fly net most days. Don and Jack went walking up over the Constance Range,  Don said it’s beautiful but extremely tough. I’m not doing it.  Couldn’t get on the boat trip today but have booked for tomorrow 10 am. Looking forward to that. Not cold at nights. Lovely and fresh.


Beautiful cliffs where we’re camping. These colours are as they are.


Path on our 3 hour walk to Indarri falls, then to the lookout and back down to camp.


This is the Lawn creek, magic colours. There are fresh water crocodiles but we didn’t see one.

DSCF6272Indarri Falls

The Indarri Falls, so lovely.


Love these reflections.


Indarri falls,


Going up the escarpment, reds and green, we are so lucky this national park was closed to flooding two weeks prior to us coming.


View from climbing up higher, the falls being just to the left of the middle of photo.


On our way up to the lookout, this a great view but facing the sun.


The workers and rangers accommodation.


Bigger view of the whole camping.


Sun going down and I’m down by the jetty.


Another angle. magic reflections.


Heading back to camp, got a sun burst through the trees.

IMG_9216Young Crimson Finch

Young crimson finch.


Very bright but still beautiful.


White winged triller.


White winged triller.


Yellow tinted honey eater.


Liked these, don’t know there name, reminded me of the Lupines in NZ up Mt Cook.


Lizard sunning.


Indarra falls.


Indarra falls.


Close up of the falls.

Day 21

Saturday 4th.
Off to Cloncurry,  stock up on food, fuel and anything else we might need for 9 days off the grid,  heading to Gregory river to camp. We stopped and had a break at Quamby rest area then stayed the night at Terry Smiths Lookout. Nice camp spot, plenty of room, toilets, dump point, just make sure the water is operating.

Old remains at the Quamby rest area.


Just north of Cloncurry, the Albert hotel, aka, The Quamby Pub was built as the customs house in the 1860’s The word Quamby is aboriginal meaning being “stop”, rest awhile. The timbers in the building are beautiful, shame its all falling down.


Quamby Hotel,


View from the camper trailer at Terry Smith’s Lookout.

Day 19

Thursday 2nd June

Went into Mt Isa and spent the day pretty much there. The part we went to get cap for the toilet funnel but it hadn’t arrived yet, it had gone to Winton. We did get a cap for the pole pipe, so that was good, got gas and other wee nick nacks. Went to the lookout,  amazing view, the town is built right beside the mine, its copper they mine. Traveling through was so beautiful,  the countryside changes and the colours are incredible. All the rock seems to be a shale of some sorts.  Got back here and had afternoon tea with J&A. Weather is fine, meant to be cool and windy tomorrow. Darwin and Uluru has had heavy rains. The scenery around this area is amazing,  hilly, red rocks and short trees. Early tea. Met a couple and the lady is getting into photography so gave her some tips. Bed early,  already it’s 9 pm.

IMG_7420 Not many images today, this is a White Plumed Honey eater, its trying to shelter from a shower of rain.

Day 64

Monday 4th May

Well we went for a drive out to Dip Falls and then spent some time in the bush, then on our way home called into Edgecombe  beach, weather was turning bad.

IMG_5949  I found it fascinating how the farmers make dips in the paddocks to hold the water, smart really.IMG_5952 IMG_5953  View of The Nut at Stanley from our drive back out from Dip fallsIMG_5959 IMG_5960  Car park and picnic area at Dip fallsIMG_5987  Viewing platform of the falls IMG_5990  This is the view, they are so big couldn’t get the falls all in.IMG_5991  Bottom half of the fallsIMG_6037  152 steps down to the bottom to see the lower part of the falls, yes we did it.IMG_6059  Lower falls, lighting was not good .Note the rocks are a basalt.IMG_6067 IMG_6071 IMG_6078  Now the 152 steps back up.IMG_6146 IMG_6150  Outside the honey place on the Dip falls road, beautiful colours.IMG_6157  A wee tractor at the junction of a road.IMG_6174  Rocks and some of the colours, lots of these sort of rocks up this coast, all being used for geological studies.IMG_6289  This is where we have been camping, its free around the back on one side, and for power on the other side its $10 a night + $3 for showers and toilets, deposit for key which you get back when you hand the key in. Very lovely meals as well with specials on most nights of the week.IMG_6283 Sun setting with a storm coming at Port Latta in the mid  ground and The nut in the back ground. this was at Edgecombe  beach.

Day 33 & 34

Thursday 2nd April

Got up to a very cloudy morning. Our ranger from Forth arrived, we had a chat. Cooked breakfast and it’s raining hard now but ranger said it will clear by lunch time, he was right. Once it cleared we went for a drive into Penguin, did a few jobs, water in Jerry cans etc..dropped what we needed to off at the camper then headed for Burnie .Big place and busy, a pulp town by the looks of the logs etc.on the docks for export.Went up to the lookout was lovely view. Got back, cold and so we used the time to down load images, had the gene going etc, gas heater on and hotty filled up.

Friday 3rd April Easter

Well I needed to go into Smithton to see a Doctor and after my visit we decided to do the scenic trip back to Rocky Cape where we are now staying. Saw some lovely wee towns on our way back.

IMG_2820  Stanley The Nut.IMG_2823  The old Stanley building still being used today, they are so beautiful.IMG_2824 IMG_2838  The old railway station used now for accommodation.IMG_2840  Bought lunch here, was so fresh the fish and not small pieces either.

IMG_2847  The old lighthouse, it was else where and has been moved.IMG_2852  The wharf.IMG_2869  The Nut from lookout.IMG_2871  Another angle of town.IMG_2887  From up at the area where the old communications building was or something similar.IMG_2899  The Grange, Port Latta, coal I think.IMG_2900 IMG_2908  Rocky Cape National Park. Jetty in the back ground of the cliff face.IMG_2924 Jetty.

Day 18

18th Wednesday
Went to Cataract Gorge to the chair lift and Basin. Very nice, weather actually improved as the day went on and we did the chair ride, did the Alexandra Lookout and swing bridge. Very lovely. Took all day. After tea we went to Evandale for the Aurora and star trails as we had an alert saying that it was favorable. Was a very good night.
Aurora Tasmania  Night shot of the stars and we got an Aurora as well, how awesomeAurora  Another oneLook out at Alexandra, cataract Gorge  View of the basin from Alexandra lookoutDSCF4196  Looking up the gorge and the swing bridge from the chairliftDSCF4191  Hello theres my feet to prove im up here, 🙂DSCF4188 Taken from the chairlift DSCF4179 overlookingLaunceston  View of the town Launceston suburbDSCF4169  Street in townStreet in Launceston
  another street in town.

Day 12

12th Thursday

Went into town on our way out and dumped the rubbish, no dump point in town. Had a lovely drive down the Maroondah H’way, got to Healesville at 12.30, got set up and had lunch, showered and then went into town, had steamed fish and chips for tea. Don has come down with a head cold. Did a big wash and dried in dryer, so all summer clothes are clean and now bringing out the winter.
IMG_0460Healesville  We got a en suit at the van park, so nice. I use to live here some 38 years ago and so much has not changed. Still lovely.IMG_0457Cathedral Range  Cathedral Range on our way down.IMG_0451 From a look out on the trip, many paddocks are very dry, need rain,

Day 4

Tuesday 4th February 

The youngest son had to head back to where he lives, we all spent some time looking at new places in the area. Some photo’s of the town of Murrurundi, lots of history here.

IMG_6513 IMG_6520 IMG_6524 IMG_6536 Wednesday 5th February

Today my eldest son returned from a trip in NZ and it’s at his place we have been staying. Very dry out here in Murrurundi and keeping the gardens watered is a big job. Once Garry was settled after his flight, next day he drove us up to some real nice spots as well, we are very lucky. Here are some images of the rock formations up in behind the town, real amazing shapes and they are so huge.

IMG_6625 IMG_6633 IMG_6678  Looking at the town of Murrurundi from the rock cliffs in behind the town.IMG_6731

Star trails from top of the hills.