Tuesday 14th February. Dora Point.

Woke to a fine warm day. Breeze is fresh but going to be 21 deg. ūüôā ¬†I’m in Tee-shirt and shorts, been awhile. Doing some juicing. Used the inverter and took a reading, it used .04 volts, the juicer is 140 W so not a super duper one but hey on the road it works well. Had a lovely day just pottering. Here’s some wee critters visiting the camp site.

 Superb Fairy Wren, male  Common Black bird Lizard.


Day 25

Wednesday 8th June 

Had a great day. Had a good breakfast and then headed off on a hike to Indarri Falls, 3 hours round trip up over the plateau and down the cliff face,¬† dam steep. The colours out here are just so vivid. The falls are beautiful. The terrain is very undulating,¬† rocky and colourful. Alice and Jack went up to the falls in their kayak, went to the second level, we saw them at the falls. Got back at 12.30 pm.¬† Had to cool down, then went for a cold shower. Had lunch and just sat around for awhile,¬† it was 35 deg today again. Flies are bad. Wearing the fly net most days. Don and Jack went walking up over the Constance Range,¬† Don said it’s beautiful but extremely tough. I’m not doing it.¬† Couldn’t get on the boat trip today but have booked for tomorrow 10 am. Looking forward to that. Not cold at nights. Lovely and fresh.


Beautiful cliffs where we’re camping. These colours are as they are.


Path on our 3 hour walk to Indarri falls, then to the lookout and back down to camp.


This is the Lawn creek, magic colours. There are fresh water crocodiles but we didn’t see one.

DSCF6272Indarri Falls

The Indarri Falls, so lovely.


Love these reflections.


Indarri falls,


Going up the escarpment, reds and green, we are so lucky this national park was closed to flooding two weeks prior to us coming.


View from climbing up higher, the falls being just to the left of the middle of photo.


On our way up to the lookout, this a great view but facing the sun.


The workers and rangers accommodation.


Bigger view of the whole camping.


Sun going down and I’m down by the jetty.


Another angle. magic reflections.


Heading back to camp, got a sun burst through the trees.

IMG_9216Young Crimson Finch

Young crimson finch.


Very bright but still beautiful.


White winged triller.


White winged triller.


Yellow tinted honey eater.


Liked these, don’t know there name, reminded me of the Lupines in NZ up Mt Cook.


Lizard sunning.


Indarra falls.


Indarra falls.


Close up of the falls.