Saturday 11th March

Another rest day. Walked across the dam and back, lovely. Long weekend here for a 8 hour working day holiday. Went and investigated across the other side of dam, Dee Lagoon, up through pine forest, felt like home. Lots of fishing shacks. Even though there is fish in the lake there are no water birds, feels very odd. All of a sudden the wasps vanished and they have eaten all the sap off the canvas. ūüôā

¬†Dam wall. ¬†Brady’s Lake

Boat Jetty Brady’s Lake.


Day 25

Wednesday 8th June 

Had a great day. Had a good breakfast and then headed off on a hike to Indarri Falls, 3 hours round trip up over the plateau and down the cliff face,¬† dam steep. The colours out here are just so vivid. The falls are beautiful. The terrain is very undulating,¬† rocky and colourful. Alice and Jack went up to the falls in their kayak, went to the second level, we saw them at the falls. Got back at 12.30 pm.¬† Had to cool down, then went for a cold shower. Had lunch and just sat around for awhile,¬† it was 35 deg today again. Flies are bad. Wearing the fly net most days. Don and Jack went walking up over the Constance Range,¬† Don said it’s beautiful but extremely tough. I’m not doing it.¬† Couldn’t get on the boat trip today but have booked for tomorrow 10 am. Looking forward to that. Not cold at nights. Lovely and fresh.


Beautiful cliffs where we’re camping. These colours are as they are.


Path on our 3 hour walk to Indarri falls, then to the lookout and back down to camp.


This is the Lawn creek, magic colours. There are fresh water crocodiles but we didn’t see one.

DSCF6272Indarri Falls

The Indarri Falls, so lovely.


Love these reflections.


Indarri falls,


Going up the escarpment, reds and green, we are so lucky this national park was closed to flooding two weeks prior to us coming.


View from climbing up higher, the falls being just to the left of the middle of photo.


On our way up to the lookout, this a great view but facing the sun.


The workers and rangers accommodation.


Bigger view of the whole camping.


Sun going down and I’m down by the jetty.


Another angle. magic reflections.


Heading back to camp, got a sun burst through the trees.

IMG_9216Young Crimson Finch

Young crimson finch.


Very bright but still beautiful.


White winged triller.


White winged triller.


Yellow tinted honey eater.


Liked these, don’t know there name, reminded me of the Lupines in NZ up Mt Cook.


Lizard sunning.


Indarra falls.


Indarra falls.


Close up of the falls.

Day 103

Friday 12th June
Got up early and the day is very overcast but took the chance of cloudy but sunny as forecasted, and we are heading off down the Huon Valley as far as Southport. Stopped off at all the wee bays, art galleries, etc. I just love the free range chooks we see in the country side, they are in the most unexpected places. Beautiful scenery and no wind so it¬†wasn’t¬†to bad and no rain. Got very overcast on way home. ¬†All in all a very nice day. Just loved following the Huon River for most of the way, gave us some nice reflections. A lot of these photo’s were grab shots through the glass while driving, bit hard in city traffic to stop.
IMG_2907  Bridge over the Derwent River in Hobart.IMG_2908  The bridge in Hobart with Mt Wellington in back ground.IMG_2910  Mt Wellington.IMG_2914  Out of the traffic, now for some scenery.IMG_2920  This is where we had morning tea at Franklin on the edge of the Huon River.IMG_2928  A lot of old buildings are being used today for shops, galleries, etc, I loved the wheel in this photo.IMG_2931  Huon River.IMG_2932  As soon as I got over to the picnic table these ducks all came running, so funny.IMG_2937  Heading towards GeevestonIMG_2949  Free range chooks.IMG_2951  Nice entry to the town of Geeveston.IMG_2966  Had lunch at Dover.IMG_2972  Driving around to Southport, the end of the tar sealed road south.IMG_2982  Little beach holiday places right on the water.IMG_3001  End of the line. IMG_3017 IMG_3026  On our way back caught some good lighting on these yachts.IMG_3069 Another quick shot of the bridge at Hobart on our way home.

Day 98

Sunday 7th June,

Bit windy and overcast but we are heading to see the Tessellated Pavements, Devils Kitchen, Tasman Arch and the Blowhole, and on our way home dropped into the Chocolate factory and into Fortescue Bay and saw the camping area. We got away at 9.15 am and didn’t get back until 4pm, very tired. Great day. Weather was kind and it didn’t rain. Cooked tea up in the kitchen,¬† quiet neat catching up with others that you chattered to the day before.¬† Really blowing and raining now.

IMG_2203 ¬†These Green Rosella’s were everywhere and certainly use to people at the Big 4. They would come so close you could hardly take their photo. The owners were saying the birds are all so hungry.IMG_2276 IMG_2225 IMG_2237 ¬†View from the edge of the Tessellated Pavements.IMG_2238 IMG_2264 IMG_2280 IMG_2282 ¬†The doorways are so small in all the old buildings, we were told that the average height of the people back in the last century was 5′ 6″. Hence Don is taller than that.IMG_2283 ¬†The ceiling and how they were made, they are restoring them bit by bit.IMG_2290 ¬†This is one of the dogs of the dog line, they had 18 of these ugly ( only a mother could love ) things to get past if the convicts tried to escape.IMG_2291 IMG_2300 IMG_2322 ¬†Very rugged along the Tasman Coast.IMG_2330 IMG_2310 IMG_2356 ¬†Blow hole not doing much blowing today.IMG_2357 IMG_2639 There she blows, I have been here for quiet some time and I think this is my lot. The turbulence of the water is fascinating. IMG_2484 ¬†This is the opening out to see from the blowhole.IMG_2576 ¬†This opening is where the arch broke away, amazing rocks and formations here,IMG_2596 ¬†Down at the Jetty.IMG_2690 ¬†This vehicle was in the car park, loved the sign.IMG_2380 IMG_2381 ¬†This Devils Kitchen is so huge and deep cant get any angle to show the size, plus you cant get past the barriers and foliage when you are to short. This very aptly named feature gets it’s name from the cauldron of foaming fury, normally seen at water level from the viewing platform several hundred feet above.IMG_2410
IMG_2369 ¬†So big.IMG_2411 ¬†I just loved this wee house, it even had lace curtains. This is at Doo-Town, most of the house’s in Doo-Town have some sort of Doo in a name of their house, just to many photo’s of the house’s to post. Doo-Town cant grow any bigger because of Deer farming and National parks that surround it.IMG_2696 ¬†Chocolate Factory on our way back and saw this statue. And yes I bought some fudge, real nice.IMG_2701 IMG_2703

Day 70

Sunday 10th May

Hope all the mothers out there took some time out for themselves.I did, Went down to Seaport in Launceston and walked from there and around to Cataract Gorge taking some photo’s, was a beautiful day and back again.

IMG_6503 ¬†Seaport Walkway/JettyIMG_6510 ¬†kids in their minnow yachts, or it maybe the next size up (cant remember the name of the next sized one), practicing.IMG_6519 ¬†Cruise boat passing and then he goes up the gorge and back.IMG_6528 ¬†Big building on the left is called Stillwater Restaurant, this is where Don’s son works as a chef, it also has a art gallery for the local artists. Cataract Gorge runs up on the right hand side, there are two bridges but the one behind is out of view in this shot.IMG_6536¬†There are the two bridges, and the Cataract gorge with the boat returning.

Day 66

Wednesday 6th May

Well we went for a drive, the storm has passed , we still have rain and the annex cant go anywhere now. Went to Stanley to see a photo our friend has put into the Cow & Calf Gallery, photography fine art, really lovely art. Got to meet David the owner and Photographer. Next door is the Brown Dog cafe, where we went to have some morning tea, lovely old and unique place. Just loved both their names and there is a story behind the Brown dog but didn’t find out if there was a story behind the gallery name.

IMG_6312 IMG_6349 IMG_6318 ¬†We did the walk along the historical area of old buildings in between sheltering in peoples veranda’s, loved this sigh as well, I have removed his phone number.IMG_6321 ¬†View from Bobs place, looking out over the bay of Stanley.IMG_6327 ¬†Under the Nut at Stanley.IMG_6338 ¬†Old railway station down by the jetty. I think this top part of the light house has been moved from somewhere else.IMG_6339 ¬†Road heading to Railway station and the big crayfish, great fish and chips we bought from there, so fresh.IMG_6343 ¬†Prices from old. Pound, Shillings and pence.IMG_6344 ¬†Inside waiting for a train, joking, it is now a cafe.IMG_6363¬†Church StanleyIMG_6360 ¬†Chair lifts up to the Nut, closed today, winds were very bad.IMG_6368 ¬†Another view of The Nut.IMG_6377 ¬†We were at Port Latta, all these gulls were going crazy, then they would all land on the water then take to the air again, but the winds were really blowing them around. Funny to watch.IMG_6464 ¬†Crayfish Creek on our way back to Rocky Cape.IMG_6474 ¬†We love this sigh, hell yer great. Haha.IMG_6480¬†Crayfish creek heading out to sea.

Day 38

Thursday 18th

Caught the bus at the pub and did a one fare all day pass, we had great fun, getting off and on where we wanted to, saw heaps and was nice not to drive, also sitting that bit higher we could both nosy out the windows.Only took the point and shoot camera on this trip.

DSCF3119  Picnic bay from the jetty. Hotel and life saving club in behind the palms.DSCF3122  Boats in Picnic bay DSCF3131  Horseshoe Bay, lovely spotDSCF3130 Another of Horseshoe bayDSCF3116 Jetty at picnic BayDSCF3125

Day of bus hopping. Great fun.


Day 35

Monday 15th

The Samarai re-union is all over, went down to the wharf and saw the last of them off. Did a bit of a tiki tour of the Nelly bay where the ferry comes in, very nice. Spent the rest of the day around the A-Frame unit that we have rented for 2 weeks, here’s a few photos of the day.

IMG_4004  J & A  in little red car.IMG_3941  Curlews at the unit, so well camouflaged IMG_4040

Lawns down at Picnic bay.IMG_4105

A very interesting letter box, Picnic BayIMG_4085HDR Rocks down at Picnic bay, I have given them a treatment called HDRIMG_4064Mall walk by Pub Picnic bayIMG_4061  Jetty at Picnic bayIMG_4050  Jetty from around the rocks. Picnic BayIMG_3966

Passenger ferry, Nelly Bay