Day 70

Sunday 10th May

Hope all the mothers out there took some time out for themselves.I did, Went down to Seaport in Launceston and walked from there and around to Cataract Gorge taking some photo’s, was a beautiful day and back again.

IMG_6503  Seaport Walkway/JettyIMG_6510  kids in their minnow yachts, or it maybe the next size up (cant remember the name of the next sized one), practicing.IMG_6519  Cruise boat passing and then he goes up the gorge and back.IMG_6528  Big building on the left is called Stillwater Restaurant, this is where Don’s son works as a chef, it also has a art gallery for the local artists. Cataract Gorge runs up on the right hand side, there are two bridges but the one behind is out of view in this shot.IMG_6536 There are the two bridges, and the Cataract gorge with the boat returning.