Saturday 11th March

Another rest day. Walked across the dam and back, lovely. Long weekend here for a 8 hour working day holiday. Went and investigated across the other side of dam, Dee Lagoon, up through pine forest, felt like home. Lots of fishing shacks. Even though there is fish in the lake there are no water birds, feels very odd. All of a sudden the wasps vanished and they have eaten all the sap off the canvas. ūüôā

¬†Dam wall. ¬†Brady’s Lake

Boat Jetty Brady’s Lake.


Friday 10th March.

Sunrise is straight out in front of us. I could hear something falling onto the canvas during the night like seeds or pods, think we are under a tree with pods bursting and falling. We have sap from a tree from bush camp in Zeehan and its now covered in wasps, I was watching them and they are eating it off, yippee, that means we don’t have to try and clean it off. Did another lot of juicing. Very tired, the last week has caught up with me.

¬†Sunrise. ¬†These are what the wasps are living in.¬† ¬†These are the trees we are camped under, not sure of their name but the pods make for great fire stater. ¬†Rocks through the water at the Lake.¬†Country side west of where we’re camped.

Thursday 9th March

We left for Brady’s Lake and got the private spot from last time, awesome. Staying for a couple of nights here. Lots of cloud cover and meant to rain over weekend. Need a couple of days rest. 25 deg today. Here’s a few photos of the camp before we left Zeehan Bush Camp.

¬†Inside camp kitchen, great set up. ¬†Some of the erosion around Queenstown from the mining from 60 years ago. ¬†Fires damage from 2016, new growth is starting. ¬†This manicured home is at Brady’s Lake. So beautiful. ¬†Brady’s Lake. ¬†Our camp spot, Brady’s Lake. ¬†View from camp site.

Sun setting looking East.