Thursday 9th March

We left for Brady’s Lake and got the private spot from last time, awesome. Staying for a couple of nights here. Lots of cloud cover and meant to rain over weekend. Need a couple of days rest. 25 deg today. Here’s a few photos of the camp before we left Zeehan Bush Camp.

 Inside camp kitchen, great set up.  Some of the erosion around Queenstown from the mining from 60 years ago.  Fires damage from 2016, new growth is starting.  This manicured home is at Brady’s Lake. So beautiful.  Brady’s Lake.  Our camp spot, Brady’s Lake.  View from camp site.

Sun setting looking East.


Day 115


Thursday 25th June.
We got away early, had a light frost, but its sunny. Down to the rocks at Port Latta, Port Latta is owned by Grange Resources and mine the Savage River on the west coast, then we spent some time at all the bays that we like. Got back about 3 pm. Going for tea at pub, mince has not thawed. Getting cold.

IMG_4822 IMG_4849 IMG_4843  Like a moon scape.IMG_4852 IMG_4879  red coralIMG_4949  Crayfish BayIMG_4994

Day 54

Thursday 24rd April

We headed back from the West Coast via Rosebery and the Murchison highway, then we turned off along the May Plains, then onto Mole Creek Rd. Was lovely country driving. Back to Launceston.

IMG_4705  Mining buckets at Rosebery.IMG_4708gumflowersRosebery  Gum flowers in rain.IMG_4712MainStRosebery IMG_4713 IMG_4724  The falls.IMG_4729  IMG_4736  This is the heat and gases flowing from the mine, they do it to keep it clean and vented. Its a very deep mine.IMG_4738  Artwork statues to signify the mine.IMG_4747  Looking down on the mining area. Rosebery.IMG_4751 IMG_4756 IMG_4760 IMG_4769  Tallah, another old mining town.IMG_4787  Stopped for a picnic break and here was a bunch of Fungi.IMG_4793  Just took this from the car while we were driving to show the bad weather.IMG_4794 IMG_4801  Climbed to the top of the lookout.IMG_4821 IMG_4823  Storm is coming.IMG_4835

We went to Chudney and this lovely wee shop, I sampled every honey wow, some are awesome, then had a honey ice cream.

Day 51

Tuesday 21st April

Well its been a couple of days getting things sorted to head off to West Coast, staying at Dons Son’s place. On our way over to the west coast via Lake St Clair on the Lyell Highway. Spent a bit of time there. Then on over to Strahan, via Queenstown.

IMG_4043 Pumphouse point, has the old Pumphouse made into Accommodation on Lake St Clair. It is Tasmania’s newest wilderness retreat.IMG_4064  Taken from the road in.IMG_4050  They have beautiful bush tracks to wander through.IMG_4049  This is one of the bays off the lake, it truely is a peaceful place.IMG_4071  Heading to the right.IMG_4078  Some of the lovely hills on the trip.IMG_4091  Had to take this, it is from the car as you can see, this is the first glimpse we got of Queenstown, totally a mess from the mining in the early days. We were told many stories, but all I know is I couldn’t believe my eyes.IMG_4100 Looking down onto the town amongst the ruins of the mining.

Day 16

22nd April Tuesday to 23rd Wednesday

Packing up today and going to stay in Miles as we need to do a big wash. The fire was still going this morning so had my cuppa by it, so nice. Caravan Park pretty run down but clean enough, more to the point the washing machines were not to exe, so I got 3 loads washed and dried, hot showers and went to pub for tea. Was a very noisy night as we are right on the Hwy trucks all night, never mind catch up tonight.


Camp site at Miles caravan parkIMG_0352  Red Winged ParrotIMG_0365 Red Winged ParrotIMG_0379     Red Winged Parrot

24th April Thursday 

Up at 4.30 am made a cuppa and watched the sky change, all the miners heading off to work or coming home, so much mining and gas mining  going on, unbelievable. Heading to Chinchilla to get Dons tablets, but we couldn’t get them so they ordered into Dalby so when we go there on Saturday they will have them for him. Off we go to Archer’s Crossing, get there and Chris & Kate are there, they decided to drag the holiday out a few more days. Stayed a couple of days here, lovely lot of water in the river, very green, some sort of algae in it so we did not put the rubber ducky in. Went for a big walk, did some night shooting and sat around the fire with Kate & Chris, bed by 8 pm.

DSCF1641  River at Archers CrossingDSCF1639 DSCF1638  Down at the boat ramp, Archers CrossingDSCF1636Big area for campingDSCF1632 DSCF1631  Archers Crossing camping, lots of room on the banks of the river