Thursday 9th March

We left for Brady’s Lake and got the private spot from last time, awesome. Staying for a couple of nights here. Lots of cloud cover and meant to rain over weekend. Need a couple of days rest. 25 deg today. Here’s a few photos of the camp before we left Zeehan Bush Camp.

 Inside camp kitchen, great set up.  Some of the erosion around Queenstown from the mining from 60 years ago.  Fires damage from 2016, new growth is starting.  This manicured home is at Brady’s Lake. So beautiful.  Brady’s Lake.  Our camp spot, Brady’s Lake.  View from camp site.

Sun setting looking East.


Tuesday 7th March, day 81

Leaving Mount Field N.P., have really enjoyed it. Its 14 deg. Taking the back road from Raspberry farm as we didn’t see much due to bad weather last trip. Heading to Zeeham Bush Camp for 2 nights.

 Camping area at Mount Field N.P.  Rural scenery on trip.  Tarraleah, Hydro power station, small settlement. Off Lyell High way.  Scenery on way to Queenstown.  Looking down onto Queenstown, the bear hills are from the mining some 60 years ago, still scared, the towns people are working hard to get growth happening again. Settled into bush camp and around the camp fire with neighbours, great night.

Day 51

Tuesday 21st April

Well its been a couple of days getting things sorted to head off to West Coast, staying at Dons Son’s place. On our way over to the west coast via Lake St Clair on the Lyell Highway. Spent a bit of time there. Then on over to Strahan, via Queenstown.

IMG_4043 Pumphouse point, has the old Pumphouse made into Accommodation on Lake St Clair. It is Tasmania’s newest wilderness retreat.IMG_4064  Taken from the road in.IMG_4050  They have beautiful bush tracks to wander through.IMG_4049  This is one of the bays off the lake, it truely is a peaceful place.IMG_4071  Heading to the right.IMG_4078  Some of the lovely hills on the trip.IMG_4091  Had to take this, it is from the car as you can see, this is the first glimpse we got of Queenstown, totally a mess from the mining in the early days. We were told many stories, but all I know is I couldn’t believe my eyes.IMG_4100 Looking down onto the town amongst the ruins of the mining.

Queenstown and Milford.

Tuesday 14th August.

Left Deer Flat about 8.30 am to head to Milford, weather is looking promising, cloud should blow away by the time we get down there. Well it did clear real quick, by the time we got to the tunnel. We went and booked the boat cruise for 11 am to 12.40 pm so it would not make it to late to head back up to the tunnel. Boat trip was magic, saw dolphins, seals and penguins, was very cold but clear skies. Had lunch at the Cafe to warm up then did some wandering around, checked out Donald Sutherland’s grave, headed back out of Milford at 2 pm and took photos along the way, decided to stay at Deer Flats again, could stay there for a week, so nice. 5.30 pm time to be off the road, good timing.

Milford Sounds Milford sounds, Mitre Peak in the back ground. Snow was pretty scarce but still a magnificent sight.

Wednesday 15th

Had a good night, headed off at 8 am. Checked out mirror lakes again for a calm waters but not to be, that breeze is just too much.We went to Te Anau and had to replace the heater, went to supermarket then had lunch down by the lake Te Anau, while sitting there I looked across the road and here is a wee church made of all glass, so we went over and checked it out, just amazing, only for weddings and the view for the people having the ceremony, they look straight out to the lake and mountains. When we were finished there we carried onto  Queenstown. Got some shots of the Remarkable’s, trying to catch up with a nephew of mine there, he’s still working away from home so tuff luck, we stayed the night at Frankton really nice old park, $20 bucks a head not bad for powered site. Our N.D. filters are helpful in the middle of the day when we have sunshine. We were going on the Earnslaw TSS but they were having big fire burn off’s so I was not going to pay to look at smoke. So we recharged everything up again and downloaded images. All the water for the people of  Queenstown comes from Lake Wakatipu, so there is no water charges.

Glass Church. Te Anau

This church is for weddings and is of glass, the view is Lake Te Anau.


The Remarkable’s, Queenstown, as usual the weather is very overcast, but you just make the most of it. We were lucky the clouds did lift for awhile enough to get some shots.

TSS Earnslaw

Beautiful boat, TSS Earnslaw on Lake Wakatipu coming in to berth at the wharf, Queenstown, a real magic spot.