Sunday 12th March

We got rain last night and its still raining, we will see if we get a break as we’re packing up and going to Seven Mile beach in Hobart area. Weather was shocking and lots of thick fog going through the forestry area, reminds me of a place in NZ called Atiamuri where I use to live.

 Tarraleah, these pipes pump the water up this hill to Tarraleah.  Highland Scottish Cattle.   The pipes up the top of hill.  Fog in the forestry. Pea soup, it was slow driving.  The Old Post Office in Hamilton, lovely town.



Tuesday 7th March, day 81

Leaving Mount Field N.P., have really enjoyed it. Its 14 deg. Taking the back road from Raspberry farm as we didn’t see much due to bad weather last trip. Heading to Zeeham Bush Camp for 2 nights.

 Camping area at Mount Field N.P.  Rural scenery on trip.  Tarraleah, Hydro power station, small settlement. Off Lyell High way.  Scenery on way to Queenstown.  Looking down onto Queenstown, the bear hills are from the mining some 60 years ago, still scared, the towns people are working hard to get growth happening again. Settled into bush camp and around the camp fire with neighbours, great night.