Day 51

Tuesday 21st April

Well its been a couple of days getting things sorted to head off to West Coast, staying at Dons Son’s place. On our way over to the west coast via Lake St Clair on the Lyell Highway. Spent a bit of time there. Then on over to Strahan, via Queenstown.

IMG_4043 Pumphouse point, has the old Pumphouse made into Accommodation on Lake St Clair. It is Tasmania’s newest wilderness retreat.IMG_4064  Taken from the road in.IMG_4050  They have beautiful bush tracks to wander through.IMG_4049  This is one of the bays off the lake, it truely is a peaceful place.IMG_4071  Heading to the right.IMG_4078  Some of the lovely hills on the trip.IMG_4091  Had to take this, it is from the car as you can see, this is the first glimpse we got of Queenstown, totally a mess from the mining in the early days. We were told many stories, but all I know is I couldn’t believe my eyes.IMG_4100 Looking down onto the town amongst the ruins of the mining.