Day 54

Thursday 24rd April

We headed back from the West Coast via Rosebery and the Murchison highway, then we turned off along the May Plains, then onto Mole Creek Rd. Was lovely country driving. Back to Launceston.

IMG_4705  Mining buckets at Rosebery.IMG_4708gumflowersRosebery  Gum flowers in rain.IMG_4712MainStRosebery IMG_4713 IMG_4724  The falls.IMG_4729  IMG_4736  This is the heat and gases flowing from the mine, they do it to keep it clean and vented. Its a very deep mine.IMG_4738  Artwork statues to signify the mine.IMG_4747  Looking down on the mining area. Rosebery.IMG_4751 IMG_4756 IMG_4760 IMG_4769  Tallah, another old mining town.IMG_4787  Stopped for a picnic break and here was a bunch of Fungi.IMG_4793  Just took this from the car while we were driving to show the bad weather.IMG_4794 IMG_4801  Climbed to the top of the lookout.IMG_4821 IMG_4823  Storm is coming.IMG_4835

We went to Chudney and this lovely wee shop, I sampled every honey wow, some are awesome, then had a honey ice cream.