Thursday 12th September

Another great day, too good to waste so off for a drive to Cygnet and all the coast road, so lovely when you get off the main drives. here’s a few shots for the day. This peninsula is on the east side of the Huon River, we are staying on the west side of Huon. It was awesome looking across the river at where we’d come from.

 Birches Bay  Glazier Bay  The Shed  The Shed, this is a wonderful place to stay.  Port Huon  Tassels Salmon Farming.  Gordon  Kettering,Bruny Island in back ground, this is the ferry that goes over there.


Day 103

Friday 12th June
Got up early and the day is very overcast but took the chance of cloudy but sunny as forecasted, and we are heading off down the Huon Valley as far as Southport. Stopped off at all the wee bays, art galleries, etc. I just love the free range chooks we see in the country side, they are in the most unexpected places. Beautiful scenery and no wind so it wasn’t to bad and no rain. Got very overcast on way home.  All in all a very nice day. Just loved following the Huon River for most of the way, gave us some nice reflections. A lot of these photo’s were grab shots through the glass while driving, bit hard in city traffic to stop.
IMG_2907  Bridge over the Derwent River in Hobart.IMG_2908  The bridge in Hobart with Mt Wellington in back ground.IMG_2910  Mt Wellington.IMG_2914  Out of the traffic, now for some scenery.IMG_2920  This is where we had morning tea at Franklin on the edge of the Huon River.IMG_2928  A lot of old buildings are being used today for shops, galleries, etc, I loved the wheel in this photo.IMG_2931  Huon River.IMG_2932  As soon as I got over to the picnic table these ducks all came running, so funny.IMG_2937  Heading towards GeevestonIMG_2949  Free range chooks.IMG_2951  Nice entry to the town of Geeveston.IMG_2966  Had lunch at Dover.IMG_2972  Driving around to Southport, the end of the tar sealed road south.IMG_2982  Little beach holiday places right on the water.IMG_3001  End of the line. IMG_3017 IMG_3026  On our way back caught some good lighting on these yachts.IMG_3069 Another quick shot of the bridge at Hobart on our way home.

Day 46

Thursday 16th April. Last day on Bruny Island

Well we have had just the best time here, our last day was spent driving to the south of Bruny and through the Neck, calling into different bays, having a stop off at the local Cheese place. The kids got oysters fresh from the rocks at Barnes Bay, they were everywhere and big. When we stopped at Dennes Point at the Jetty, a chap told us that as the crow flies this is the closest land to the main Tasmania land but the channel is very bad, that’s why the main crossing is way down further. Took a scenic drive back around on dirt roads get to see real nice scenery. Never now what you come across.

IMG_3694 IMG_3688  Couple of birds I don’t know their names yet.IMG_3700  Blowhole over Basalt Rocks.IMG_3712 IMG_3722  Bruny Island Art Adventure.IMG_3726  Small settlement.IMG_3727  Heaps of these Tasmanian Native hens. this one is out the side of the house we’re in.IMG_3751  Wallbies in ur yard, I was sitting on the step, they weren’t worried. The Albino again.IMG_3818 IMG_3821 IMG_3824  Took from the car as you can see.IMG_3827  Barnes Bay.IMG_3828 IMG_3835 IMG_3829 IMG_3833 IMG_3836 IMG_3838  This is the closest point to mainland Tasmania.IMG_3848  Long dirt road, must be lots of homes up there.IMG_3854  Boarding the ferry to go over to Kettering.IMG_3871  Autumn colours from the car.IMG_3876 Driving through a big town on our way to Seven Mile beach.

Day 44

Tuesday 14th April

Had a good nights sleep and were up early to go on a boat trip on the Bruny Island Adventure cruise. To many photos to show all of them but picked out what I hope will interest people. Was a fantastic day.

IMG_3072  Got up early and went down the beach, caught the early light on the foot way and seating, very beautiful for a walk down the beach.IMG_3073  This is the beach outside our van park.IMG_3093  Everyone waiting to board the cruise boat.IMG_3094  Father and SonIMG_3135  The arch way, we didn’t go through it. Looking at the kelp growing on the rocks.IMG_3129  The other boat, which is the same one as we are on.IMG_3122  kelp gardens.IMG_3119  Rock pillars and formations.IMG_3111 IMG_3161 IMG_3164  Facing into the sun but took it any ways, we had just come through and then watched the other boat coming through.IMG_3168  Blow hole.IMG_3201 IMG_3247  Seals in sun and playing in the kelp.IMG_3572 Got back and what a wonderful sunset to finish the day off.

Day 43

Monday 13th April

Well the four of us are heading off to catch the ferry to  Bruny Island for four nights, Dons son and his partner are there as well, we have met  up from different directions for this trip. This is our 1st day, we are based at Adventure bay in a van park in a onsite van we are sharing. These photos are pretty much self explanatory, just beach scenes and rocks with amazing colours.

DSCF4829 DSCF4832 DSCF4834 DSCF4843 DSCF4816 DSCF4817 DSCF4828  Stopped for a picnic, so cold we were sitting with Katie’s blankets around us so much fun.DSCF4839