Day 81

Thursday 21st May

We camped in the bush at Cosy Corner up in the Bay Of Fires, East Coast of Tasmania, there are several bush camps and this one was nice and big and private also sheltered. Here are some images of the 1st day here. The colour of the rocks here are unreal, photos tell there own story.

IMG_7026 IMG_7044 IMG_7050 IMG_7104 IMG_7139 IMG_7157 IMG_7288 IMG_7296 IMG_7294 IMG_7333 IMG_7370 IMG_7468


Day 43

Monday 13th April

Well the four of us are heading off to catch the ferry to  Bruny Island for four nights, Dons son and his partner are there as well, we have met  up from different directions for this trip. This is our 1st day, we are based at Adventure bay in a van park in a onsite van we are sharing. These photos are pretty much self explanatory, just beach scenes and rocks with amazing colours.

DSCF4829 DSCF4832 DSCF4834 DSCF4843 DSCF4816 DSCF4817 DSCF4828  Stopped for a picnic, so cold we were sitting with Katie’s blankets around us so much fun.DSCF4839