Tuesday 28th February to Wednesday 1st March.

On Tuesday, had a good clean out of the camper, also chattered with our new neighbours, great people. On the Wednesday we are heading off to Hamilton on the Lyell Highway, looking at points of interest along the way. Weather beautiful, in shorts again ūüôā

 Very cool and lots of due this morning.  Another causeway on lake Arthur.  country scenery.  Nant Distillery. Whiskey makers.  Coming down into Hamilton.


Day 44

Tuesday 14th April

Had a good nights sleep and were up early to go on a boat trip on the Bruny Island Adventure cruise. To many photos to show all of them but picked out what I hope will interest people. Was a fantastic day.

IMG_3072 ¬†Got up early and went down the beach, caught the early light on the foot way and seating, very beautiful for a walk down the beach.IMG_3073 ¬†This is the beach outside our van park.IMG_3093 ¬†Everyone waiting to board the cruise boat.IMG_3094 ¬†Father and SonIMG_3135 ¬†The arch way, we didn’t go through it. Looking at the kelp growing on the rocks.IMG_3129 ¬†The other boat, which is the same one as we are on.IMG_3122 ¬†kelp gardens.IMG_3119 ¬†Rock pillars and formations.IMG_3111 IMG_3161 IMG_3164 ¬†Facing into the sun but took it any ways, we had just come through and then watched the other boat coming through.IMG_3168 ¬†Blow hole.IMG_3201 IMG_3247 ¬†Seals in sun and playing in the kelp.IMG_3572¬†Got back and what a wonderful sunset to finish the day off.