Day 44

Tuesday 14th April

Had a good nights sleep and were up early to go on a boat trip on the Bruny Island Adventure cruise. To many photos to show all of them but picked out what I hope will interest people. Was a fantastic day.

IMG_3072  Got up early and went down the beach, caught the early light on the foot way and seating, very beautiful for a walk down the beach.IMG_3073  This is the beach outside our van park.IMG_3093  Everyone waiting to board the cruise boat.IMG_3094  Father and SonIMG_3135  The arch way, we didn’t go through it. Looking at the kelp growing on the rocks.IMG_3129  The other boat, which is the same one as we are on.IMG_3122  kelp gardens.IMG_3119  Rock pillars and formations.IMG_3111 IMG_3161 IMG_3164  Facing into the sun but took it any ways, we had just come through and then watched the other boat coming through.IMG_3168  Blow hole.IMG_3201 IMG_3247  Seals in sun and playing in the kelp.IMG_3572 Got back and what a wonderful sunset to finish the day off.