Thursday 12th September

Another great day, too good to waste so off for a drive to Cygnet and all the coast road, so lovely when you get off the main drives. here’s a few shots for the day. This peninsula is on the east side of the Huon River, we are staying on the west side of Huon. It was awesome looking across the river at where we’d come from.

 Birches Bay  Glazier Bay  The Shed  The Shed, this is a wonderful place to stay.  Port Huon  Tassels Salmon Farming.  Gordon  Kettering,Bruny Island in back ground, this is the ferry that goes over there.


Monday 13th February Heading to East Coast

There is snow on Hartz Mountain last night, no wonder it is very cold. We are hoping for a break in the weather to dry the canvas on camper trailer enough to pack up and head off to St Helen’s, weather over there is beautiful. Finally got away by 9.30 am and 10 deg, windy. Had a good run and stopped at Campbell town for more fresh veggies for juicing. Ended up at Dora point, just love this area. Very sheltered.

 Huon River.  Approaching Hobart.  Country side on the way to East Coast.  Dora Point sunset in opposite direction.

Love the colours on the rocks from the sunset.

Sunday 12th Geeveston

Cold but sunny day. Went for a big drive to Huon Port, Lookout and just took in the scenic spots. Some images from the Hartz Mountain National Park.

 Camping at the sports ground at Geeveston. Bad weather is coming.  Myrtle Tree. Heading up to Hartz N.P.  This is worth the read.  From the lookout going up to Hartz Mountain.   Lichen.  Weather closing in. Hartz N.P. It has it’s own beauty.  Arve Waterfall, Hartz N.P.  Arve Waterfall, Hartz N.P.  Huon River, to the right is the Oyster beds.  Just a beautiful Gum tree.  Houn Port down there.  Looking down onto Geeveston from the big hill. You can see It was raining so had to move.   Beautiful Huon Valley.  Boat on the Huon River.