Day 117 & 118

Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th June

Got away from Rocky Cape about 12.30 pm, heading for Devonport to sail back to mainland. Had a good day and good sailing. Then headed for NSW. Our holiday has come to its end for now, so will post more again soon soon when I go again. I have enjoyed my trip and hope you have enjoyed reading. cheers Judy ūüôā

IMG_5321 ¬†Rocky Cape CampingIMG_5322 ¬†Rocky Cape camping, very large area, this area has powered sites.IMG_5324 ¬†Rocky Cape camping, free area, generators allowed, pay for showers.IMG_5326 ¬†Road from Penguin to Ulverstone on beach road heading to Devonport.IMG_5344 ¬†Our ship.IMG_5360 ¬†Night shot heading out of Devonport.IMG_5397 ¬†Sunday heading to NSWIMG_5339¬†Silo’s in Devonport.

Day 37

Tuesday 7th April

Haven’t done a lot over the last few days but went for a beach drive from Rocky Cape camping spot, out to the National Park, Boat Harbour Beach and to Sisters Beach, then went back to Port Latta to get permission to cut through someones yard to get down to some rocks we wanted to photograph. The winds were very cold today and wasn’t doing me a lot of good, so not to many pics today.

IMG_2968 IMG_2960 ¬†Boat Harbour Beach, very pretty place, the sand was so fine and white.IMG_2963 ¬†Freedom Camping here as well.IMG_2964 ¬†Looking back to the settlement.IMG_2971 ¬†No photo’s of Sisters Beach called into this shop but no where for camping if you have anything bigger than a small campervan, nice wee place though.IMG_2986 ¬†This area is amazing with a lot of history. This piece of land called Table Cape is an actual plug from a volcano.IMG_2987 IMG_2972TableCapeLightHouse ¬†Light House at Table Cape.IMG_2974 ¬†View from the Light House grounds.IMG_2976TableCapeTulipFarm ¬†Looking towards the Tulip Farm, they have all been picked, Ive been told it is a picture to be seen when the tulips are in bloom.IMG_2989 ¬†On our way back saw this art work on a rock face, don’t know what it means as there was no plaque.IMG_2990 ¬†Someone having a bit of fun with Maggie on the lamp post.IMG_2991 ¬†Another daggy letterbox.IMG_2993Latta ¬†Back at Port Latta, the rock formations are just amazing, photo’s don’t really show it,¬†IMG_2992 ¬†Straight off the camera, the colours are incredible.IMG_2994¬†This lot looked like concrete had been just dumped.

Day 33 & 34

Thursday 2nd April

Got up to a very cloudy morning. Our ranger from Forth arrived, we had a chat. Cooked breakfast and it’s raining hard now but ranger said it will clear by lunch time, he was right. Once it cleared we went for a drive into Penguin, did a few jobs, water in Jerry cans etc..dropped what we needed to off at the camper then headed for Burnie .Big place and busy, a pulp town by the looks of the logs etc.on the docks for export.Went up to the lookout was lovely view. Got back, cold and so we used the time to down load images, had the gene going etc, gas heater on and hotty filled up.

Friday 3rd April Easter

Well I needed to go into Smithton to see a Doctor and after my visit we decided to do the scenic trip back to Rocky Cape where we are now staying. Saw some lovely wee towns on our way back.

IMG_2820  Stanley The Nut.IMG_2823  The old Stanley building still being used today, they are so beautiful.IMG_2824 IMG_2838  The old railway station used now for accommodation.IMG_2840  Bought lunch here, was so fresh the fish and not small pieces either.

IMG_2847  The old lighthouse, it was else where and has been moved.IMG_2852  The wharf.IMG_2869  The Nut from lookout.IMG_2871  Another angle of town.IMG_2887  From up at the area where the old communications building was or something similar.IMG_2899  The Grange, Port Latta, coal I think.IMG_2900 IMG_2908  Rocky Cape National Park. Jetty in the back ground of the cliff face.IMG_2924 Jetty.