Thursday 23rd February

I heard the Penguins last night. ūüôā After breakfast we went out to the Low Head Light house, did all the sites along the way. Found Penguin tracks. Did the tourist stuff in George Town, very lovely area. Great day, got back pretty late.

¬†Low Head Light house ¬†Lagoon Bay ¬†Maritime Museum ¬†In NZ I’d call this a Huhu Beetle but here in Australia I dont know its name. ¬†Leads Lighthouse ¬†Leads Lighthouse ¬†More Carvings by Eddie Freeman, same person that did the ones at East Beach Tourist Park. ¬†Tamar River, very windy in the exposed areas.¬† ¬†Water Tower, in between Low Head and George Town.

Day 37

Tuesday 7th April

Haven’t done a lot over the last few days but went for a beach drive from Rocky Cape camping spot, out to the National Park, Boat Harbour Beach and to Sisters Beach, then went back to Port Latta to get permission to cut through someones yard to get down to some rocks we wanted to photograph. The winds were very cold today and wasn’t doing me a lot of good, so not to many pics today.

IMG_2968 IMG_2960 ¬†Boat Harbour Beach, very pretty place, the sand was so fine and white.IMG_2963 ¬†Freedom Camping here as well.IMG_2964 ¬†Looking back to the settlement.IMG_2971 ¬†No photo’s of Sisters Beach called into this shop but no where for camping if you have anything bigger than a small campervan, nice wee place though.IMG_2986 ¬†This area is amazing with a lot of history. This piece of land called Table Cape is an actual plug from a volcano.IMG_2987 IMG_2972TableCapeLightHouse ¬†Light House at Table Cape.IMG_2974 ¬†View from the Light House grounds.IMG_2976TableCapeTulipFarm ¬†Looking towards the Tulip Farm, they have all been picked, Ive been told it is a picture to be seen when the tulips are in bloom.IMG_2989 ¬†On our way back saw this art work on a rock face, don’t know what it means as there was no plaque.IMG_2990 ¬†Someone having a bit of fun with Maggie on the lamp post.IMG_2991 ¬†Another daggy letterbox.IMG_2993Latta ¬†Back at Port Latta, the rock formations are just amazing, photo’s don’t really show it,¬†IMG_2992 ¬†Straight off the camera, the colours are incredible.IMG_2994¬†This lot looked like concrete had been just dumped.

Penguins at Roaring Bay.

Saturday 25th August.

We were up before the alarm 5.30 am as I could hear the Penguins calling, when we got down there they were already on the move, but luck has it they moved as slow this morning as they did last night so we got to sit and just watch and listen, 2 1/2 hours later the sunrise which is at 7.45 am was no good, to much cloud but it’s not windy so not to cold. Real honour to sit and watch these beautiful creatures. Back at camp 9 am for brekky. Walked around the camp and check it all out, this place is awesome and has so much character, toilets are made of split pine and corrugated iron, showers and kitchen are made inside big concrete water tanks and all unisex. Lovely paintings on the outside. On our way to McLean falls we saw a sign saying  the smallest Niagara Falls, so we turned off to take a look, bit of a joke really maybe great in the wet season, but they are saying they are NZ Niagara Falls, nothing like it. It was interesting though along the river banks there are like little cribs along side on the banks and the whitebait fishermen stay in them when the whitebait are running. We did the walk into Maclean Falls, about a 20 min walk each way, takes us longer as there is so many photo’s to take, such a lovely spot. Got back to the camper at 2.30 pm and had lunch at the car park. Carried onto Purakanunui Falls, these     are beautiful. Got to Nugget Point, the drive in is beautiful, saw Penguins at Roaring Bay but it got a bit dark so will get down first thing in the morning, we are free camping in the car park at Nugget Point. Big day today.

Lower Falls, McClean

These falls are the Lower McClean’s falls.

Kotukutuku, Fuchsia Native Tree

These trees are just so colourful, they are called Kotukutuku or Fuchsia Native Tree.

Purakaunui Falls

Sunday 26th

Rained most of the night but woke to the sun shinning. We walked out to the Nugget Point Light house, quiet step in places and it was very early so not to warm, it’s only 2 km return, amazing rock formations out at the point. We had brekky and hit the road. Drove along the coast to Kaka Point, called into the van park to fill up with water, ran into a young couple that we had been talking to at Penguin Cove, they said it’s so nice here, only $27 a night for power so will remember that for future, kitchen was big and very homely. The bird life, they had all sorts. Took some photo’s of the Balclutha bridge, got some food from New World and filled up, we are heading for Mosgiel. Arrived at the Mosgiel Show grounds, they have a wee camping ground here and it’s really lovely, small, $27 for powered which is pretty standard, but the washing machines, dryers and showers are free, kitchen has  everything for one to use, the shower is like having a massage, wonderful place, here I caught up with my nephew. Did a big wash, cook up for the next few days and used their showers, so feel pretty normal again.

Nigget Point Lighthouse.

Up half an hour before sun up and as we headed to the lighthouse the golden glow was awesome and the lighting was magic, worth the effort.