West side of the Tamar.

Packed the Thermos and picnic bag and headed up to the very top of the Tamar, calling into all the little bays along the way, just beautiful. Its been awhile since we’ve been out since our start of the house sit as I came down with a virus so sat that out. Love walking the dogs and checking where everything is in our area, feeling like the local, love it.

 Jetty at Rosevears  Tamar at Rosevears  Looking from Jetty back to Rosevears Accommodation  Beauty Point,Looking over towards the Seahorse and Aquarium  Mining over the other side of the Tamar from Beauty Point,its Bauxite they are mining Aluminum  The bay at Beauty Point  The best Fish and Chips I’ve ever eaten. Beauty Point, hence the birds. But I loved the imitation news paper print on the wrapping ,just like the old days.  Cargo ship exporting the Bauxite  Clarence Point  Green Beach the very tip of the Tamar looking out to sea.I love the patterns in sand  Daffodils growing everywhere on sides of the road and in paddocks, reminds me of NZ as we have the same thing in places.  On the drive home the last magic hour for lighting


Sundowner Van Park, Melbourne-Devonport

Up early, thank goodness the rain has stopped, by 8.30 am the canvas was dry enough to fold up. 14 deg again cold. Headed to the van park where we are staying before sailing to Tasmania tomorrow. Had a good run. No photos here so onto Jan 22nd sailing to Tasmania. Here’s a few images. Got off at Devonport and headed to Forth for the night. Was late 8.40 pm as the sailing was late leaving Melbourne.

 This is not the ship we’er going on.  All lined up waiting.

Yeah, we are loading.

Day 117 & 118

Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th June

Got away from Rocky Cape about 12.30 pm, heading for Devonport to sail back to mainland. Had a good day and good sailing. Then headed for NSW. Our holiday has come to its end for now, so will post more again soon soon when I go again. I have enjoyed my trip and hope you have enjoyed reading. cheers Judy 🙂

IMG_5321  Rocky Cape CampingIMG_5322  Rocky Cape camping, very large area, this area has powered sites.IMG_5324  Rocky Cape camping, free area, generators allowed, pay for showers.IMG_5326  Road from Penguin to Ulverstone on beach road heading to Devonport.IMG_5344  Our ship.IMG_5360  Night shot heading out of Devonport.IMG_5397  Sunday heading to NSWIMG_5339 Silo’s in Devonport.