Day 117 & 118

Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th June

Got away from Rocky Cape about 12.30 pm, heading for Devonport to sail back to mainland. Had a good day and good sailing. Then headed for NSW. Our holiday has come to its end for now, so will post more again soon soon when I go again. I have enjoyed my trip and hope you have enjoyed reading. cheers Judy ūüôā

IMG_5321 ¬†Rocky Cape CampingIMG_5322 ¬†Rocky Cape camping, very large area, this area has powered sites.IMG_5324 ¬†Rocky Cape camping, free area, generators allowed, pay for showers.IMG_5326 ¬†Road from Penguin to Ulverstone on beach road heading to Devonport.IMG_5344 ¬†Our ship.IMG_5360 ¬†Night shot heading out of Devonport.IMG_5397 ¬†Sunday heading to NSWIMG_5339¬†Silo’s in Devonport.


Day 20

Thursday 20th February 
Got up early, packed the last of our stuff into the cub and wagon as Garry will be coming home soon to sleep. I have been using the flat down stairs and this is where Garry sleeps as its the coolest room in the house.
Left at 9.30 am heading for Lake Yarrie, which is over by Narrabri, Sandy arrived before us as she left from Quirindi. We got to Narrabri and filled the wagon up, I asked as to where Lake Yarrie turn off was, the girl told me, but we took a wrong turn, ended up 50 km out of our way heading to Coonabarraban, on our way back I kept trying to ring Sandy but no coverage until nearly at Narrabri, finally Sandy got the call and she is heading out of Lake Yarrie, the place is¬†plagued¬†by¬†midges, so we said that’s it, meet us at the servo and we’ll decide where to from here. Had lunch and a break, decided we’ll head off to Rocky Creek, not far from Bingara. Called into the Sawn Rocks, found that the walk was to far at this time of day and also very hot. Could not find any Rocky Creek camping spot, so we finally found a spot called Glacier Historical Site, so this will do us all, as it was already getting later than we like to be on the road. With a look around, it’s very nice, rock pools and amazing rock formations. Once we were all set up, Sandy got the bus level we all had a cuppa and tea was soon on the go. There are a few¬†midges¬†here but not to bad, just got to keep using the¬†repellents.
IMG_8089 ¬†Silo’s and store sheds at Willow tree heading north from Murrurundi.IMG_8093 ¬†Dry flat country side here, I really hope that dark sky has rain for these farmers. Between Quirindi and Narrabri. NSWIMG_8103 ¬†This is a very sad site, the image below tells the story.IMG_8106IMG_8109 ¬†Taken from the car.IMG_8112 ¬†Cattle on the road side feeding, had to be very mindful of what maybe around each corner.IMG_8117 ¬†Kapitar National Park. Heading to Sawn Rocks.IMG_8148¬†Set up for a stop over.

Day 18

Tuesday 18th February

Went for a drive to Quirindi, about 40 min drive North from Murrurundi NSW to catch up with a friend and had lunch together. Lovely old buildings and lots of history in the area, everyone’s so friendly, you just smile at them and they say hello.

IMG_7818 ¬†Fields of Milo.IMG_7824 ¬†I am lead to believe that the small spider is the male, this was on the fence when I was shooting the Milo field.IMG_7829 ¬†This is a real rail car ūüôāIMG_7844 ¬†Silo’s at Willow Tree.IMG_7848 ¬†Oppppps, here comes the train.IMG_7863 ¬†We waited for trains to come while at the Silo’s and we were rewarded with two.IMG_7874 ¬†And now the third one, I just managed to squeeze between the looked gate so as not to get the wire in my photo.IMG_7923 ¬†On our way back we have noticed how green it has got with just 3 day’s of rain, wonderful for the farmers.IMG_7932¬†Photo of the walk bridge for when the ford is to deep to walk across at Murrurundi.