Day 18

Tuesday 18th February

Went for a drive to Quirindi, about 40 min drive North from Murrurundi NSW to catch up with a friend and had lunch together. Lovely old buildings and lots of history in the area, everyone’s so friendly, you just smile at them and they say hello.

IMG_7818  Fields of Milo.IMG_7824  I am lead to believe that the small spider is the male, this was on the fence when I was shooting the Milo field.IMG_7829  This is a real rail car 🙂IMG_7844  Silo’s at Willow Tree.IMG_7848  Oppppps, here comes the train.IMG_7863  We waited for trains to come while at the Silo’s and we were rewarded with two.IMG_7874  And now the third one, I just managed to squeeze between the looked gate so as not to get the wire in my photo.IMG_7923  On our way back we have noticed how green it has got with just 3 day’s of rain, wonderful for the farmers.IMG_7932 Photo of the walk bridge for when the ford is to deep to walk across at Murrurundi.