Friday 21st June

I decided to make some Lemon Spread from the tree that’s loaded of sweet lemons. After lunch decided to do a walk around the Launceston Marina, its so beautiful, lighting was not great but it didn’t matter.

 Marina from Bunnings side of town.  Walk bridge over the Tamar  Looking over towards the Stillwater Restaurant and Cataract Gorge,  Stillwater on left utilizing Silo’s.  Another lot of Silo’s being used for accommodation, Peppers


Day 111

Sunday 21st June.

Very cold morning,  frost plus ice on puddles. Went out and took photos of the frost patterns, tried the frost on the vehicle then Dean’s trailer, very nice, went and showed Dean, oh, he said, I better get my camera, so here’s the 3 of us taking photos in the frost, crazy. Got ready to go shopping &  go meet up with family.  Had tea at Jail House grill,  it was a old jail in day’s gone by. Got home at 7 pm. It is very cold tonight.

IMG_4226  I can make out the harbour of Wellington NZ in these patterns, from outer space,  need to have an imagination though.IMG_4235 Frost patterns, very interesting.

Day 106, 107, 108

Tuesday 16th June
Went through to Richmond, then onto Tea Tree and out onto the high way to get to East Derwent to get over to Glenorchy on the west side of Derwent, very low fog, very bleak and drizzly, very cold as well, so didn’t spend much time to get back to unit and veggie out in the afternoon. No photo’s today.
Wednesday 17th June
Very wet, low cloud so we are not going anywhere. Catching up on washing, etc as we only have until Friday when we head off to Launceston.
Catching up on some video’s. No photo’s today.
Thursday 18th June.
Last day to tiki tour so we are off early to the city and Cascade Brewery and Mt Wellington, Had a awesome day, the sun came out at the right time at cascade brewery, then I could see it snowing on Mt Wellington so off we go and yes we got snowed on, only light snow but still fun, the cloud was very low. From there we went down to Battery Point and parked, did a bit of looking around, then got the car and drove to find a place to have our lunch. The black clouds were coming over fast so we ate and ran, back up to Mt Wellington and got snowed on some more, heavier this time, then Don went into a building and a chap was sitting by a fire while waiting for the weather to improve, so we stood by the fire and chattered to him lovely watching it snowing by a fire. Got back to the unit early afternoon and enjoyed the last of it , we leave for Launceston in the morning.
DSCF1660Mt Wellington, Tassie  Snowing on Mt Wellington DSCF1666 DSCF5048 IMG_4038 Sun shone for us very briefly. Cascade Brewery, this is the oldest remaining brewery, it was originally a sawmill, Then the Brewery was established in 1824. IMG_4048 IMG_4059  Cascade BreweryIMG_4065  Back up on Mt Wellington.IMG_4074  Mofo is running for a week in Hobart, love the design of the way the wood is stacked, ready for the fires at night for cooking.IMG_4080Models of Able Tasman’s ships. IMG_4081 IMG_4083  Salamanca, this is where they hold farmers markets every Saturday.IMG_4085 IMG_4136  This is the name of the image below, turning silo’s into apartments, great idea, save wasting them.IMG_4097 IMG_4113 IMG_4099  The house of Lenna. Lenna is a Tasmanian aboriginal word for house or hut. Heritage listed the builder built it for his wife.IMG_4098  This is the apartments of Lenna. This is at Battery Point.IMG_4100  View of the city from Lenna’s lookout, we were lucky enough to go inside and climb the stairs to have a look, image below shows the lookout room.IMG_4105 IMG_4110  Front entrance of Lenna.IMG_4114  The lookout from the Princes gardens.IMG_4123  Saw this mansion, as we walk back to the car.IMG_4128  Silo apartments from another angle.IMG_4129  Reflections in the all glass front of this building.IMG_4139

All these buildings are being used for arts, cafe’s, etc.. I don’t know what they were previously but thought they may of been wharf storage sheds in early days.


Day 67

Thursday 7th May

All packed up early and ready to head back to Launceston, vehicle due for big service. Beautiful day but that wind has ice in it.

IMG_6484  First glimpse of snow on Mt Roland, very pretty, know wonder I could feel ice in that wind.IMG_6486  Every time we go past here we get punnet or two of Raspberries, and some chocolate coated ones as well, very nice treats, make them last as well, 🙂 We actually had morning tea here and they made me a gluten free pancake, I was so very grateful, Thanks Christmas Hills.IMG_6494  Just a shot while travelling.IMG_6496  Here back at our base and there is snow on the hills outside of Launceston. This is from the veranda.IMG_6495 This is the hill beside Ben Lomond.

Day 56

Saturday 26th April

Weather not looking to good, but we did get a break so thought we’d go and see the Tamar Wetlands in Launceston. So close to the city it’s incredible. Get a good view of the hills that are built on.

IMG_4838  Looking down onto Sea PortIMG_4849  Tamar wetlands and looking over towards the built up area of LauncestonIMG_4851 IMG_4868  Information centre at the wetlands, also very good view out onto the wetlands.IMG_4877  Very hilly place Launceston, town seems to be down in the valley and houses all up around on the hills, very beautiful place.IMG_4884 IMG_4890 IMG_4896 IMG_4900 IMG_4929 IMG_4935 IMG_4926


Day 20

20th Friday
Headed off to Scottsdale, Lavender Farm, and up to Bridpost, well what lovely places, we are going to stay a week at Scottsdale in the free camping. $3 for a 4 min hot shower, but hey how good is the town doing this. Bridpost has a lot to offer. Loved the Lavender Farm at Nabowla area. Bought a few things and had Devonshire Tea. Came home via the Tamar H’way thru Pipers River.
TreetopsAdventurePark  Amazing buildings in the bush by the mountain bike park.DSCF4293For all those people who like a mountain bike challenge
DSCF4298 IMG_0664 IMG_0665  Camping allowed for 24 hours, nice toilets no showers.IMG_0675  Track to the fallsLillydale Falls 1First Falls we came to at Lillydale, shame about the log, that’s nature for you.Lillydale Falls 2  Falls number 2IMG_0725 IMG_0726 IMG_0728 IMG_0739 IMG_0752  Tea gardens at the Lavender FarmScottsdale  This is at ScottsdaleIMG_0760  Park at the reserve where you can camp.IMG_0761  Another angle, this is a very big reserve, made up of many paddocksIMG_0814 Driving into Bridport  The view of the beach as we came over the hill at BridportRocky Beaches at Bridport  Very rocky beaches.Old Jetty, Bridport  Old jettyIMG_0874  Heading home via this way.IMG_0887  Heading back into Luanceston, been a long and wonderful day.Coming into Launceston

Here’s the entrance coming into Launceston.

Day 18

18th Wednesday
Went to Cataract Gorge to the chair lift and Basin. Very nice, weather actually improved as the day went on and we did the chair ride, did the Alexandra Lookout and swing bridge. Very lovely. Took all day. After tea we went to Evandale for the Aurora and star trails as we had an alert saying that it was favorable. Was a very good night.
Aurora Tasmania  Night shot of the stars and we got an Aurora as well, how awesomeAurora  Another oneLook out at Alexandra, cataract Gorge  View of the basin from Alexandra lookoutDSCF4196  Looking up the gorge and the swing bridge from the chairliftDSCF4191  Hello theres my feet to prove im up here, 🙂DSCF4188 Taken from the chairlift DSCF4179 overlookingLaunceston  View of the town Launceston suburbDSCF4169  Street in townStreet in Launceston
  another street in town.

Days 16 & 17

16th Monday
Had a lovely drive down thru the Midland h’way and onto Launceston. got here and Sean said we could put the camper into the carport, so very lucky. We will do day trips for awhile from here. Spent the rest of the day catching up with Sean and Katie. Sean took us for a quick venture around town and down to his work where we caught up with Katie as well.
17th Tuesday
We decided to go to Cataract Gorge and to see Ducks Reach, was an old hydro power station, even though the weather has rained and very overcast, had a great day and will do the other end tomorrow. These photo’s were taken with a point and shoot that is waterproof, so not the best images, as it was raining.
IMG_0482  The view from the front doorDSCF4162  stairs out of the gorgeDSCF4145  Swing bridge across cataract gorge at Ducks ReachDSCF4154  Looking up at the swing bridge and old power house in back groundDSCF4138 DSCF4135 DSCF4132  This building operated the old flying foxDSCF4126Staff homes power station  These homes were built in the mid 1800’s for the workers of the hydro power station, 3 are still being lived in.DSCF4125DuckReachPowerStation  Looking down from car park at the old power station houseIMG_0521YellowWattleBird Yellow Wattle bird, I believe they are only in Tasmania.