Day 64

Monday 4th May

Well we went for a drive out to Dip Falls and then spent some time in the bush, then on our way home called into Edgecombe  beach, weather was turning bad.

IMG_5949  I found it fascinating how the farmers make dips in the paddocks to hold the water, smart really.IMG_5952 IMG_5953  View of The Nut at Stanley from our drive back out from Dip fallsIMG_5959 IMG_5960  Car park and picnic area at Dip fallsIMG_5987  Viewing platform of the falls IMG_5990  This is the view, they are so big couldn’t get the falls all in.IMG_5991  Bottom half of the fallsIMG_6037  152 steps down to the bottom to see the lower part of the falls, yes we did it.IMG_6059  Lower falls, lighting was not good .Note the rocks are a basalt.IMG_6067 IMG_6071 IMG_6078  Now the 152 steps back up.IMG_6146 IMG_6150  Outside the honey place on the Dip falls road, beautiful colours.IMG_6157  A wee tractor at the junction of a road.IMG_6174  Rocks and some of the colours, lots of these sort of rocks up this coast, all being used for geological studies.IMG_6289  This is where we have been camping, its free around the back on one side, and for power on the other side its $10 a night + $3 for showers and toilets, deposit for key which you get back when you hand the key in. Very lovely meals as well with specials on most nights of the week.IMG_6283 Sun setting with a storm coming at Port Latta in the mid  ground and The nut in the back ground. this was at Edgecombe  beach.