Day 23


Monday 23rd

Went for a drive to Beaconsfield today, Sean had the day off so showed us around. Lovely drive up the west side of the Tamar River. Took  us to his work to pick up Katie.

Beconsfield  Entrance of the Winch houseDSCF4312  Looking at the side of the building.mine enterance  Mine shaft and lift to take the men under ground.DSCF4394 DSCF4404  Bad lighting but the water turns this wheel.DSCF4413  These white lines indicate the tunnels under ground, the deepest tunnel is 1.5 km down if I remember that correctly.DSCF4374  As the men have left the changing roomDSCF4375  Locker roomDSCF4376  Shower roomDSCF4433  Looking over the road to the Beaconsfield Mine worksDSCF4432  Miners cottageLooking over the Tamar River Lookout at the Tamar River, storm is brewing.Stillwater and gallery, Launceston  Stillwater and galleryFather & Son outside Seans work, Stillwater Father & Son outside Stillwater.Father & Son outside Seans work, Stillwater#2  Father & Son again.Cataract gorge ferry, love the bridge Cataract Gorge ferry run, love the Kings bridge.DSCF4458 DSCF4457 DSCF4468  Ferry returning. Waited in the cold to get this. 🙂Stillwater from front side. Stillwater from front entrance.


Day 18

18th Wednesday
Went to Cataract Gorge to the chair lift and Basin. Very nice, weather actually improved as the day went on and we did the chair ride, did the Alexandra Lookout and swing bridge. Very lovely. Took all day. After tea we went to Evandale for the Aurora and star trails as we had an alert saying that it was favorable. Was a very good night.
Aurora Tasmania  Night shot of the stars and we got an Aurora as well, how awesomeAurora  Another oneLook out at Alexandra, cataract Gorge  View of the basin from Alexandra lookoutDSCF4196  Looking up the gorge and the swing bridge from the chairliftDSCF4191  Hello theres my feet to prove im up here, 🙂DSCF4188 Taken from the chairlift DSCF4179 overlookingLaunceston  View of the town Launceston suburbDSCF4169  Street in townStreet in Launceston
  another street in town.