Friday 19th July

Went for a drive to checkout Shipstern Bluff track, found it and as it was early afternoon decided to do the walk to lookout only, we had the necessary water and bars, 1.5 km later we got there, time wise it was slow as pretty steep in places. Was to dangerous to go to Bluff as there’s been a lot of rain and marked off.


Day 13

Thursday 1st January 2015  Happy new year.

Woke to a beautiful day,  had breakfast and then went for my walk.  Was pretty hot, so I’m going to start doing it earlier. Had a quiet day,  I cleaned the house, washed the sheets etc while Don went for a walk up the valley.  By afternoon the clouds were building and we got the most lovely lightning show, we only got a light shower and it cooled things down nicely. Went down to Kays while Don had a sleep.  They had a wine and I had my water and a cracker.  Lovely cool night for sleeping,

IMG_8971  Wonderful way of keeping cool and the sun off as well. Thanks Guys, lovely family.IMG_8976  Don signaling that hes back safe from hike.IMG_8970 Don heading off on a hike up into the hills, keeping his clothes dry until he gets over the other side.