Wednesday 17th July, Coal Mine Ruins

Headed off to Lime Bay Reserve, along the way Coal Mine Historical Site,This picturesque site on the Tasman Peninsula once housed up to 600 convicts who laboured in the inky blackness of underground tunnels, chipping at coal and dragging it out on trolleys behind them. Ruins that include the penitentiary, underground cells and mine shaft remain from this brutal past.  Cardwell Waters a very quaint settlement and quiet isolated, Salt Water Bay and all this sits on the shores of Norfolk Bay. This peninsula is so big and rugged its beautiful. no grass all moss on the ground. In amongst our adventure we came across small acreages with caravans, buses, shak’s, shipping containers, they live in all sorts, really lovely, then you see the real flash homes, Whatever they live in its their castle.

 Saltmarshes of the Norfolk Bay being rejuvenated.  Little settlement in the Norfolk Bay  Some of the patterns on the rocks in the water.  Coal Mine ruins.  This is a must read.  Track out to the ruins  Convicts cells  Beautiful views in such a harsh lifestyle for so many. The Plunkett Point mine was the first operational mine in Tasmania.This bay is so beautiful.  Sand stone wall, such lovely colours,  Officers quarters tucked in the bush.



Day 52

Wednesday 22nd April

Woke to a lovely sunny day for our Gordon Rive Cruise, we have to be down there early and also we wanted a good parking spot. Our cabin was only around the corner so that was handy, here are a few images to see what it was like.

IMG_4103  The wee township of Strahan, this is where we catch the cruise. IMG_4108  The harbour and Jetty.IMG_4115  The Lady Jane Franklin 11, I liked the reflections in the window.IMG_4117 IMG_4122  Looking over the harbour to where you board the wilderness train trip from.IMG_4123  Inside the Lady JaneIMG_4133  Sea plane getting ready to pick up some passengers for a scenic flight.IMG_4159  Leaving the JettyIMG_4208 IMG_4253 Then entrance back into the harbour from the ocean, very deep and swift waters in that channel.IMG_4262  Only was in or out for these people is by boat, now that’s living in peace apart from the cruise boats every day.IMG_4274 IMG_4282 IMG_4336  We drop right down to a few knots as entering into the Gordon River, very old and ancient forests here, some of the Huon Pine is thousands of years old, wonderful journey and history. Thank goodness they stopped logging it but you can see where they have.IMG_4371  We got off the boat and did a walk up into the forest, just another world.IMG_4399  One of the other cruise’sIMG_4431  Jetty where we went onto Sarah Island and learned all about the convict days and how cruely they were treated, very moving as the lady acted out as she told the story. Reminders are still there as far as the hollows in the ground, logs that were left where they did the boat building etc.IMG_4451  Another jetty on the Sarah Island that was used, its very old.IMG_4481  A ruin from old.IMG_4498  This is some of the huon pine logs left from boat building.IMG_4506  Returning to our cruise.IMG_4558 Strahan from above.