Day 53 – 54

Friday 3rd – Saturday 4th

Lots of visiting, and catching up with how my granddaughter is doing in Canberra hospital, also clean up the campertrailer. Then on the Saturday we went to Townsville to Kissing Point to see the Army Museum but it was closed, so we off out to Ross River Dam. Was a bit disappointing as one cant really just drive to the water, picnic area is at the bottom of the Dam wall, We went and found a way to climb up and take a look as to if there was any water or what, hey big surprise, was really nice, what a waste that people cant go and enjoy this. Here are a few panorama images as its so huge it was the best way to shoot them.

DSCF3390  This was a wetlands on the way.DSCF3383  Top of the levy banks to the Ross River Dam as is the other two.DSCF3382 DSCF3381