Day 16

Wednesday 27

Water was so still, Jack went out for a early row. We sat around and had breakfast chatting. So peaceful. Don did some fishing, kookaburra sitting on the branch above hoping to catch something every time Don reeled in. But nothing was caught. We had 2 ring tailed opossums here last night, one was red furred, very pretty. Baby butchers, 3 baby kookaburras. We have no coverage out here so J & A shot back into Eungella to do some business. Warmed up my water for a nice hot shower. Went for a drive over to the Dam wall. Lovely picnic area for day use. There are kites flying all around us. Went for a ride in the rubber duck to the other side of dam was lovely.

StarStaX_DPP_333-DPP_340_gap_filling_CometMode  Star trails.IMG_2580  Eungella Dam wall.IMG_2579  Spillway.IMG_2510 IMG_2484 IMG_2456  Very foggy this morning.IMG_2446 IMG_2445 IMG_2444  Wonderful clean facilities.IMG_2442  One can camp anywhere here, very big area, it is paddock camping so you find what you can as far as level sites.IMG_2437  our set up.IMG_2435  More fog.IMG_2432

Earlier we could not see the other campers, so foggy.