Dora Point Day 1

Went for a drive up the coast, very crowded at the other camp spots. Its 21 deg and in shorts getting some sunlight, feels great. Here’s some shots of the day.

 These are some of the smaller rocks.   This is a big rock, 🙂   Yellow throat honey eater.


Murrindindi Day 2

Well it rained all night, its cool and still raining. Get some inside jobs done. Had a break in the weather so grabbed Dons army coat and went for a walk, then saw the very black clouds coming so walked a wee bit faster back. Did a big cook up in the Thermal pot. Very cold and miserable.

 Fairy Wren Eastern Yellow Robin  Don’t know this one  Crimson Rosella, I stalked it for ages to get close enough. Its eating thistle flowers.  The river, you can see trees that have fallen.  Very fast flowing and very cold.  Bush wren or fantail, not sure.  Female fairy wrenEastern Yellow Robin

Police Paddock Day 2

Woke to a lovely sunny day, river is so deep off the banks and so swift we cant even go in to cool off, checked the banks for entry but no luck. Thank goodness for trees and there’s plenty of them.

 Using the car awning for quick stop overs.  Got a top spot.  The rubbish on the fence is from the last floods a year ago.  Little fairy wren tweeting all around me while have morning tea.  These birds have me stumped, what are they? They look like Crows, act like Apostles, but the red eye is different.

Day 17

Tuesday 31st    Traveling to Corolla Dam.

Set the alarm for 6 am,  got up and had breakfast,  got all ready to close the camper and I was on the phone when I saw a big bird in the tree,  it was a Kite,  not a wedge tail like I first thought. On the road by 8.20 am,  what a beautiful drive,  the country side changed many times, from really green to red, flat to really hilly out crops with a lot of rock,  then as we got closer to Cloncurry the hills were amazing.  Had morning tea at the Info center after we did the shopping at Woolworths. Nice town, not a lot of shops though. While we were at the info center a lady came up and asked if I was camping back at the rest area, I said yes, she said, you have lost 4 poles along the road back there. Went back to the camper and told Don and yes the cap for the tent poles vibrated loose off the pole carrier and we have lost 7 poles . Tried at Cloncurry to get some more, no luck,  so will try at Mt Isa when we go to get the toilet cap. Saw a Wedge-tailed eagle today fly off a dead carcass on side of road. We arrived here at Corella Dam at 12.15 pm,  quiet a few people here and the water levels are up as we can’t camp on the peninsula where J&A usually camp,  so did a bit of a drive around, finally found a top spot,  got all set up with only minimal things out as if it rains we have to move fast due to bad soil. No photos tonight as it’s very overcast and windy. Sat around a wee fire until 7 pm, we’re all pretty tired so have retired to our vans. Here are some photo’s of the days travel. A lot of these I take while Don drives.


Heading to Corella Dam, on the Mt Isa road.


Rocky outcrop.


The Town


I have noticed that a lot of the out back towns have beautiful wide streets, plenty room for parking with a RV. The bakery makes lovely fresh cream buns with real cream and jam,


Just a quick shot as we drove through town.


I just loved the scenery, the changing colours of the hills. Still lovely and green from all the flooding and rain they have had out west, we are very lucky to see it this way.


Another amazing hill.


Arriving ar Corella Dam.


Could not believe how many campers were here, but its a big area.


Wow, look at this for a set up. Lovely people, I was chatting with the owners, they have been everywhere, so interesting chatting . Continue with safe travels.