Day 7

Monday 18th.

Very cold night, pea soup this morning, fog real thick, we had a cuppa and sat in the sun to thaw. Went for walk around the area, real nice, we will be back to stay for a week. The Dam is lovely with dead trees everywhere. Some person has planted some gardens with veggies and has painted on rocks to please water me and pick me, dont pull me out by the roots so I can keep growing and feed you. Please put scrapes in the compost pit. Most of the campers near the water sites have gone by 10am so if one came in by 10 you would get a pick of good site. The boys went rowing so I had my shower and washed my hair, did my washing. Morning tea time now, 10.30am what a great life. I ended up by cutting my hair, a wee bit short but a month will help. The days pass quiet quickly when you get chatting with others campers etc. We did star trails again tonight. Rang my friend and said where we are. Heading to Rocky tomorrow to stay with her.

IMG_1976  our set up for a few days, we had a good site right down the back, nice and private.IMG_1951  The Dam at Boynedale Bush camp.IMG_1948  Nice big area.IMG_1944 Fog over the water.

Day 5 & 6

Saturday 16th 
Still raining. We have apostle birds visiting,  they are so funny.  Well it’s been a very wet day and we are going to leave tomorrow now. We have collected enough water off the tarp to fill all the containers and the camper. The farmers are going to be so happy with this rain as it’s been very soaking. We are having left overs for tea tonight so be easy. It’s very windy and blowing the rain in to where I cook. Once tea was cooked we all retreated into the camper lounge room. We have had the generator on to top up everything. The freezer is doing so much better even without the sunlight, so the heavy wiring Don did I feel has made a big difference. Rained all night, I just hope its fine in the morning to dry out a bit before packing up. No photo’s for today.
Sunday 17th
Well, we awoke to the most beautiful day, clear skies, sunny and a light breeze,  we will get everything dried before packing. We were on the road by 9.50 am. Had a great run thru to Monto, real lovely country side. We fueled up, $1.61 a litre. Dumped the toilet waste and got some grociers. Had morning tea then headed off up thru Many Peaks and then Mungungo, beautiful drive up over the range and then down thru the Boyne Valley, this is in the Gladstone region. We arrived here at the Boynedale Bush Camp at 3 pm, just good time for afternoon tea. The Dam here is feed by the Boyne River then flows out to Gladstone. We were all in bed early as it got very cold. We have coverage up by the toilet block sometimes. Did some star trails at 7 pm beautiful.
IMG_1933 IMG_1931  our Cub Camper set up and our friends in slide-on.IMG_1929 IMG_1926 StarStaX_DPP_311-DPP_313_lightenBoynsdaleDam Star trails turned out not bad, sky a bit dark as we had no moon.