Day 90

Saturday 30th May

What a night, dam winds, had to get up in the middle of the Don fixed things up and we hoped it would still be there in the morning, didn’t get much sleep though. At least all was well in the morning. We had a free day today so didn’t want to go far with the winds as bad as they were, went into town and did all the things to see and down to the blow hole, oh I must say great dump point in town with a hose. Here are a few shots, the wind got worse down at the blow hole and was nearly blowing me over, freaky feeling. Loved it when I went to the butcher I could get my onions, etc for my meal to cook, great shop.


IMG_0243  Big slabs of rock down here at the blow hole.IMG_0244 IMG_0252  Big cracks, on such big slabs.IMG_0261  Seam of Quartz, wonder if there’s gold in there??IMG_0279  And there she blows.IMG_0284  Loved the name of this shop.IMG_0287  Harbour where we’re staying at Bicheno.IMG_0359  Eating out of Dons hand.IMG_0381 IMG_0391 IMG_0407 IMG_0419  Had to go back when tide was higher and shes a beauty.IMG_0442