Day 88 & 89

Thursday 28th May

Rained all day, went into town for a few things. No photos today.

Friday  29th May

Well the canvas is dry so we are really packing up and hitting the road to Bicheno. Came for 2 nights and Stayed for 5, thanks very much to the Hillcrest van park. Giving them a plug as they were very good to us, Thanks to Chris very much. Had a good run down stopped at a few places and got to Seaview  Caravan Park, Decided to set up as the weather was not sounding good, gale force winds, snow down low and cold. We will tiki tour tomorrow.

IMG_0063  If you want a van park to stay in St Helens here it is.IMG_0066 IMG_0070 IMG_0072 IMG_0080  Camp Kitchen, TV, games for kids, etc.IMG_0098  Falmouth where the river runs into the sea.IMG_0096 IMG_0103 IMG_0110 IMG_0111 IMG_0113 IMG_0126 IMG_0139 IMG_0140  Had to take this, it is grass on top of this house’s roof, still being built so couldn’t get to the front to see the architecture.IMG_0214FishermansJetty  Fishermans Jetty at Bicheno, fresh fish and chips and scollops. Beautiful, sat on the rocks and ate them, but first had to wrap our tea in a blanket to keep it warm as wanted to get the colours in the sunset.IMG_0233BichenoSunset Another shot from where we did eat our tea.