Dora Point Day 5

Odd shower of rain.Headed into St Helen’s and had Fish & Chips at the Skippers which was an old working boat now converted to Takeaway restaurant, really great food. Was eating my tea this evening early and noticed a movement and looked down, there was a Black snake about 12 inches from my foot, so I reached out to get my camera but it retreated back, so I banged my foot on the ground and it went under the camper, but later on I went around to the back of the camper and here it is again looking at me, so banged my foot lots and it went back into the bushes. No photo.

 Floating Takeaway’s.  Georges Bay, St Helen’s  Rains are coming.  Yellow Throat Honey eaters.  Beautiful Sunset with stormy skies.


Day 86

Tuesday 26th May

We took a drive out to Binalong and did all the dirt tracks and checked out the bush camps and beaches, rocks, rocks, and more rocks all shapes, sizes and colours. Here’s a few photos of the day.

IMG_9343 IMG_9336 IMG_9345 IMG_9363 IMG_9369 IMG_9370 IMG_9422 IMG_9566 IMG_9409 IMG_9524 IMG_9569  This is the mouth of the George Bay St Helens and ocean IMG_9576 IMG_9668  Fishing boat on its way in to the bayIMG_9679  Here it is at the jetty area to berthIMG_9677 This is a floating restaurant but fixed to wharf.

Day 83

Saturday 23rd May

We are packing up and heading into St Helen’s to stay at the Hillcrest Van park, need some power and nice hot showers. Was a 5 minus frost this morning. I went down to get a sunrise and the mist on the ocean from the air temperature was real eerie, beautiful, but the sunrise was nothing to get excited about..Had a nice day and got set up in the park.

IMG_8379 IMG_8387 IMG_8420 IMG_8424  Rock abstractIMG_8434 one last look before we head off