Friday 29th September

Got away at 9.15 am, went to the Wallaman falls, beautiful drive, temps are so much cooler. Wont be doing some of the bigger walks into falls as still recovering from a virus.

 Sugar cane wagons  Top of the falls  Sugar cane mill.  Taylors beach

Lucinda’s beach, no swimming anywhere here Crock signs up. This conveyor belt takes the sugar out to the jetty for the ships to pick up, its to shallow for ships to come into shore.


Day 86

Tuesday 26th May

We took a drive out to Binalong and did all the dirt tracks and checked out the bush camps and beaches, rocks, rocks, and more rocks all shapes, sizes and colours. Here’s a few photos of the day.

IMG_9343 IMG_9336 IMG_9345 IMG_9363 IMG_9369 IMG_9370 IMG_9422 IMG_9566 IMG_9409 IMG_9524 IMG_9569  This is the mouth of the George Bay St Helens and ocean IMG_9576 IMG_9668  Fishing boat on its way in to the bayIMG_9679  Here it is at the jetty area to berthIMG_9677 This is a floating restaurant but fixed to wharf.

Day 40-42 -43

Saturday 20th – 22nd

Not a lot to put into the web site for these three days, came home from our sleepover at Sunglow Ave. On the Sunday I had dreadful news about my granddaughter, so have spent a few days digesting it all.

Tuesday 23rd

Went for a quiet day around the bays and rocks. Here are a few photo’s.

IMG_4805  Backpackers at Geoffery Bay, A-Frames built on and amoungst rocks.IMG_4781  Geoffery Bay beachIMG_4777  Rocks at Geoffery BayIMG_4703 Nelly Bay and MarinaIMG_4684  MarinaIMG_4683 Marina