Dora Point Day 4

Had a great day, did a couple of things in St Helen’s, then went to Gardens, such a lovely drive up there, did all the bays, walked every where. The boulders and rocks are huge. I found a huntsman spider in my clothes draw, was not happy, so did what I do and pull everything out, spray like crazy then put all back.



Day 96

Friday 5th June

Big day at Port Arthur,  did the boat trip first then had a cuppa before doing the tour. That took nearly all day. Then we went around to Canarvon Bay and had our picnic lunch which was nearly 3 pm. Thank goodness for nibblies.

IMG_1578  Port ArthurIMG_1579  Penitentiary Port ArthurIMG_1590  Boat trip out to the Islands, Isle of the dead and Pt Puer.IMG_1626  This is the Guards towers and the officers quarters up the back.IMG_1633  This is where the convicts made ships.IMG_1634  Part of the ship building dock yards.IMG_1642  Penitentiary, Originally this was built as a flour mill.IMG_1650  Looking across to Canarvon BayIMG_1657  Pt Puer Jetty. This is where the boys prison was. 3000 boys some as young as 9 yrs old were sentenced to here from 1834 to 1849.IMG_1672  Cliffs of the Isle of the deadIMG_1675 Isle of the dead. More than 1000 convicts rest here, military, officers, woman and children.IMG_1685  Very clear waters, pt puerIMG_1687 IMG_1716  The hospital over the back of the Penitentiary.IMG_1717  The Cafe where the Port Arthur tragedy happened in 1996IMG_1723  inside the cafe.IMG_1724 IMG_1725  This is the serene memorial gardens dedicated to the victims of the tragedy.IMG_1729  All the names are on this cross in the memorial gardens, they are beautiful.IMG_1736  over view of the penitentiary, hospital up the back right hand side.IMG_1739  Model of how is use to be back in the convict daysIMG_1839 Canarvon Bay, we had lunch here, so peaceful.