Day 97

Saturday 6th June

We went back to Port Arthur Historical Site and finished off what we didn’t get to do yesterday, the place is so big. Today it was drizzling rain and bitterly cold.

IMG_1947 IMG_1949  In this way please.IMG_1955Convicts Chains, they are so heavy.IMG_1961  Cold and bleak, the trees are even bare.IMG_1962  Lovely reflections today of the Penitentiary. Very dark skies.IMG_1976  Different angle.IMG_1982  These are the size of the cells the convicts had, not very big.IMG_1985  The view from inside the Penitentiary.IMG_1992  Pretty grand sort of Architecture of the sky lights for that era. This was on top of the Law Courts.IMG_1993  Guard Towers. Officers quarters up the back.IMG_2013  Guard Towers, The sandstone that these buildings are made of have  very beautiful coloursIMG_2032  Hospital ruins.IMG_2031  Looking down over the area where the two churches and houses are.IMG_2044  Looking inside the Guard Tower.IMG_2047  Inside one of the Ladies cottages, very small rooms and door ways.IMG_2057  Looking over to the Asylum and the Separate prison.IMG_2071  Another view of the Hospital ruins up on the left. Other ruins that I cant remember to name.IMG_2080 IMG_2090  Inside the Separate Prison.IMG_2092  A cell.IMG_2101  Doors to a small yard.IMG_2103  The Asylum.IMG_2113

Day 96

Friday 5th June

Big day at Port Arthur,  did the boat trip first then had a cuppa before doing the tour. That took nearly all day. Then we went around to Canarvon Bay and had our picnic lunch which was nearly 3 pm. Thank goodness for nibblies.

IMG_1578  Port ArthurIMG_1579  Penitentiary Port ArthurIMG_1590  Boat trip out to the Islands, Isle of the dead and Pt Puer.IMG_1626  This is the Guards towers and the officers quarters up the back.IMG_1633  This is where the convicts made ships.IMG_1634  Part of the ship building dock yards.IMG_1642  Penitentiary, Originally this was built as a flour mill.IMG_1650  Looking across to Canarvon BayIMG_1657  Pt Puer Jetty. This is where the boys prison was. 3000 boys some as young as 9 yrs old were sentenced to here from 1834 to 1849.IMG_1672  Cliffs of the Isle of the deadIMG_1675 Isle of the dead. More than 1000 convicts rest here, military, officers, woman and children.IMG_1685  Very clear waters, pt puerIMG_1687 IMG_1716  The hospital over the back of the Penitentiary.IMG_1717  The Cafe where the Port Arthur tragedy happened in 1996IMG_1723  inside the cafe.IMG_1724 IMG_1725  This is the serene memorial gardens dedicated to the victims of the tragedy.IMG_1729  All the names are on this cross in the memorial gardens, they are beautiful.IMG_1736  over view of the penitentiary, hospital up the back right hand side.IMG_1739  Model of how is use to be back in the convict daysIMG_1839 Canarvon Bay, we had lunch here, so peaceful.