Day 111

Sunday 21st June.

Very cold morning,  frost plus ice on puddles. Went out and took photos of the frost patterns, tried the frost on the vehicle then Dean’s trailer, very nice, went and showed Dean, oh, he said, I better get my camera, so here’s the 3 of us taking photos in the frost, crazy. Got ready to go shopping &  go meet up with family.  Had tea at Jail House grill,  it was a old jail in day’s gone by. Got home at 7 pm. It is very cold tonight.

IMG_4226  I can make out the harbour of Wellington NZ in these patterns, from outer space,  need to have an imagination though.IMG_4235 Frost patterns, very interesting.


Day 83

Saturday 23rd May

We are packing up and heading into St Helen’s to stay at the Hillcrest Van park, need some power and nice hot showers. Was a 5 minus frost this morning. I went down to get a sunrise and the mist on the ocean from the air temperature was real eerie, beautiful, but the sunrise was nothing to get excited about..Had a nice day and got set up in the park.

IMG_8379 IMG_8387 IMG_8420 IMG_8424  Rock abstractIMG_8434 one last look before we head off