Day 111

Sunday 21st June.

Very cold morning,  frost plus ice on puddles. Went out and took photos of the frost patterns, tried the frost on the vehicle then Dean’s trailer, very nice, went and showed Dean, oh, he said, I better get my camera, so here’s the 3 of us taking photos in the frost, crazy. Got ready to go shopping &  go meet up with family.  Had tea at Jail House grill,  it was a old jail in day’s gone by. Got home at 7 pm. It is very cold tonight.

IMG_4226  I can make out the harbour of Wellington NZ in these patterns, from outer space,  need to have an imagination though.IMG_4235 Frost patterns, very interesting.


Day 61

Friday 1st May

Woke up early at Rebecca’s Lagoon and it was a frost, so got a fire going and my good old blanket wrapped around me in the sun. We packed up from here and went and checked out Nelsons Bay then on out to the lookout called The edge of the world, beautiful beach, rocks, logs all over the beach, really lovely area, but not a lot here once you have been here for a few days.

IMG_5324  Frost on ground.IMG_5326  Keeping warmIMG_5331  Nelsons BayIMG_5365 Edge of the world  road.IMG_5379 IMG_5366 IMG_5340 IMG_5338 IMG_5356 IMG_5408 IMG_5440  Looked across at where we are going to camp and there’s all this smoke. The water here runs into the mouth of the Arthur River.IMG_5457 IMG_5455  Lots of room here in the Parks and wildlife. This area is just one of many connected to the camping area.IMG_5456  I’m keeping an eye on this, but we are sure its a controlled burn off. That is the toilet block, really lovely and clean.IMG_5515 IMG_5516 IMG_5468  Bridge over the Arthur River, this is where you can take several Cruises up into the Tarkine.IMG_5487 Patterns in the sand.