Thursday 23rd March. Day 1 of Trial Harbour

Went to “the Wall” yesterday and no photo’s. Weathers been wet.

Heading to Zeeham, get a few stores then off to Trail Harbour. Gorgeous drive, just love it over on the west. Got to Paddy’s place and set the camper up, quiet cool so got organised early for meals etc.

 The Gap  Scenery on the way over to Zeeham,  Queenstown, the mining.  View of Trial Harbour.  The settlement of Trial Harbour.  Coral Fungi.  This is home for how ever long. 🙂  How times gone by.  This is the Shack we have to use when weather gets bad.


Day 62

Saturday 2nd May

Called into Mawson Bay, what a lovely wee fishing village, we did call into others on our way but all very similar this one we spent some time, the rock formations and just the feel about the place. we carried onto Marrawah stopping at what we wanted to look at, lovely rough coast line. Camping at Marrawah is a very small area, by the sea, toilets very handy but our set up is to big for the area, probably couple of vans and a few tents would be about it.

IMG_5522  Bluff Hill PointIMG_5538  Mawson BayIMG_5553 IMG_5569 IMG_5571
IMG_5679 IMG_5675  Heading out to West Point State Reserve.IMG_5687 IMG_5680  Beautiful Colours in the rocksIMG_5690 IMG_5738  Don is standing on the orginal lighthouse prior to being moved to the Bluff pointIMG_5727 IMG_5766  Storm is coming and what a beautiful sight to get the full rainbow.IMG_5846 IMG_5877 IMG_5686 IMG_5880 IMG_5892  Tiny pony at Marrawah Green point.IMG_5890 IMG_5909 IMG_5922 Tarkine Sky Walk

Day 61

Friday 1st May

Woke up early at Rebecca’s Lagoon and it was a frost, so got a fire going and my good old blanket wrapped around me in the sun. We packed up from here and went and checked out Nelsons Bay then on out to the lookout called The edge of the world, beautiful beach, rocks, logs all over the beach, really lovely area, but not a lot here once you have been here for a few days.

IMG_5324  Frost on ground.IMG_5326  Keeping warmIMG_5331  Nelsons BayIMG_5365 Edge of the world  road.IMG_5379 IMG_5366 IMG_5340 IMG_5338 IMG_5356 IMG_5408 IMG_5440  Looked across at where we are going to camp and there’s all this smoke. The water here runs into the mouth of the Arthur River.IMG_5457 IMG_5455  Lots of room here in the Parks and wildlife. This area is just one of many connected to the camping area.IMG_5456  I’m keeping an eye on this, but we are sure its a controlled burn off. That is the toilet block, really lovely and clean.IMG_5515 IMG_5516 IMG_5468  Bridge over the Arthur River, this is where you can take several Cruises up into the Tarkine.IMG_5487 Patterns in the sand.

Hokitika and Fox Glacier.

Saturday 18th August.

Big frost at Turnbull. Slept well, had brekky and got organised ready to head up the West Coast. Got away Up the coast we couldn’t go into Ship Creek, I was so disappointed, they are doing maintenance on the parking area while things are quiet. Stopped in at Lake Paringa for morning smoko. Pretty place but not good reflections. At Hunts beach area took photo’s of the Our Lady Of The River church, this time the weather was a bit better than the last visit. Our trip up the West Coast is fine, warm and sunny so feeling pretty happy about that, the air is cool though. Went into Lake Matheson but cloud was so low on the top of Mt Cook and Tasman so decided not to waste time as we may get it on the way back down the West Coast in a few days. Went into Fox Glacier and it was good enough to get a view of the glacier, well worth the walk in, just started to rain as we were ready to leave. We stayed the night at a doc’s camp, MacDonald creek,  $6 a night here. 1080 poison signs up all along the west coast, absolutely disgusting, it is effecting the bird life, I have noticed not as many birds around at some of the camps, most unusual. They are dropping it by choppers and it doesn’t always go where they expect it to, so even into the water ways, it’s just criminal, don’t get me  better get off this subject. Did late star trails.

Fox Bluff

Fox Glacier veiw

Fox Glacier

These top 3 images are at Fox Glacier, south Island, just the most  incredible place, the bluff is huge, the glacier it’s self is so big, when people are walking across the top they are so small in comparison. We could hear the booming going on at the face of glacier, we were standing in behind a barrier and it said we were 200 metres away from the glacier.

Sunday 19th

Very cold, had brekky and got away about 9 am. Up further we called into the Bushman’s Centre,  Pukekura, had a cuppa and just looked around, they have so much gear in there shop and some of the sign are hilarious, I have them which I will put into the gallery side of this Blog when finished. The owners are finding it hard as all the big organisations make it difficult for the wee one man band business, so we love to support these sorts of places. Popped into Lake Mahinapau before the big tourist place goes up which the earth works have already started, so this is the end of this lovely natural place. Got to Hokitika at about 1 pm, we are staying with family for 2 nights.

:)  Monday 20th

Had a real nice day, chatting and catching up on all the family members that I hadn’t seen for some time and other who live overseas. No Internet coverage here on my Dongal or mobile phone. Tuesday 21st,15 deg today wow, it’s hot, been awhile since I was this warm, good for drying the cloths before we hit the road again.  Stan went for a hair cut so got him to drop us off at the beach to get some shots, when Stan came and picked us up we went back to Rimu and picked up Myrna and headed off up to Dorothy falls and Lake Kanerie. This is in the Hokitika Gorge, really is a lovely place and the colour of the water at times is unbelievable.  While we were doing a walk thru the bush came across an artist that had been down the lake side painting, so chattered awhile, very interesting chap. We hadn’t eaten and all starting to feel a bit wobbly so headed home, time fly’s when you’re having fun, forget to eat, ha-ha. Had a clean up in the camper, as we are heading off in the morning for Invercargill.

Dorothy Falls Swing Bridge over Kanarie Gorge

Wednesday 22nd

Time to get brekky and head off, sad to be leaving these members of my family, but grateful for the time we have had, it was over due. Got away about 10 am, went into Hokitika and grabbed a few stores and trying to find a tea strainer that looks like a ball on a handle, mine broke.  Called into the Bushman’s Centre again as Don really likes my cap I bought on my way up. From there we carried on down to Ship Creek, we had decided we were going to see if we could get into the place safely, as we crossed over the bridge I could see a board walk which I didn’t know was there, so we found a safe place to pull off and went to check it out, Yes we can get down there and so we started wondering along, so beautiful and the Kahikatea’s are really magic, they call them the Dinosaur’s trees. We heard the last of the workers trucks leave and by the time we got back to the bridge we just carried on up to the beach, the reflections of the Kahikatea’s were not good as a breeze had got up and the sky was getting real dark with black clouds so we got the shots we wanted and headed back to the camper. We decided as it was getting late we would go straight thru to Pleasant’s Flat, that’s where we stayed the night, doc’s camping. We had the gas heater on tonight pretty cold.


This clock is quite a symbol for the town, Hokitika lovely place.

Kahikatea's at Ship Creek

A very interesting place, Ship Creek, there was a ship that was wrecked here from Australia. The forest in the back ground known as Kahikatea, are also known as Dinosaur trees. They have some amazing shapes.

Glendhu Bay.

Friday 17th August.

Stayed the night at Glendhu Bay, a real nice van park, it’s on the way to Mt Aspiring. I’m up at 5.30 am and out doing star trails, the sky is clear with the hint of twighlight and the stars are still in the sky, magic. Very white with frost. We got cleaned up and left at 9.30 am and its 2 deg. We were going to look around Wanaka, but when we got into town we decided to many people lets just get out of here. At lake Hayes the sun was really in the wrong place as it has been many times but we used the ND filters sometimes it helps and other times not. This is our 1st really fine day so we are lapping it up. Travelling over the Haast was so nice, we called into Haast supermarket to get some bits as we are heading for Jackson’s Bay. This is a great road, lovely scenery, no freedom camping, dam.  After looking around we came on back to Turnbull to a Family Holiday Park $14 a night. A really nice place to stay. Only a short drive down the Jackson Bay Rd from Haast.

Glendhu Bay, Wanaka Glendhu Bay, I’m up early before the sun rises and there are still a few stars in the sky.

Glendhu Bay, from caravan park.

This is the view from the van park at Glendhu Bay.

Lake Hawea

Lake Hawea before heading over to the Haast Pass and West Coast. This Lake has so many pretty beach like spots, it’s worth spending a bit of time here. :)

Heading off over the Arthur’s Pass

Saturday 31st May

We are heading off and going over the Arthur ‘s Pass to the West Coast. Left the family at 10 am our first sighting of snow on the Southern Alps was at Darfield. We made heaps of stops taking photo’s along the way, had lunch at Lake Pearson. We had just finished eating and packing everything away when I noticed the big storm clouds rolling in over the Alps from the West Coast, I knew from old that we better get moving, so we did just that. Got to Broken River and the road was closed for maintenance so we took photo’s from up the tops. Just before Greymouth we turned off and headed for Hokitika where there was a family member having a 70th birthday. I had a Koru to pick up in at the Greenstone Center which I had made for me. We got to my family place at 4.15 pm. Caught up, chatting taking photos, the party went well and heaps of great stories were told of the good old hunting days from which we all did for many years, so many laughs and I think the heads on the deer get better every year. Such a good laugh.

Southern Alps  Taken from Darfield, so majestic are these Southern Alps.

Broken River area This is the Broken River area, some of the filming was done here for the Lord of the Rings I have been told.