Day 62

Saturday 2nd May

Called into Mawson Bay, what a lovely wee fishing village, we did call into others on our way but all very similar this one we spent some time, the rock formations and just the feel about the place. we carried onto Marrawah stopping at what we wanted to look at, lovely rough coast line. Camping at Marrawah is a very small area, by the sea, toilets very handy but our set up is to big for the area, probably couple of vans and a few tents would be about it.

IMG_5522  Bluff Hill PointIMG_5538  Mawson BayIMG_5553 IMG_5569 IMG_5571
IMG_5679 IMG_5675  Heading out to West Point State Reserve.IMG_5687 IMG_5680  Beautiful Colours in the rocksIMG_5690 IMG_5738  Don is standing on the orginal lighthouse prior to being moved to the Bluff pointIMG_5727 IMG_5766  Storm is coming and what a beautiful sight to get the full rainbow.IMG_5846 IMG_5877 IMG_5686 IMG_5880 IMG_5892  Tiny pony at Marrawah Green point.IMG_5890 IMG_5909 IMG_5922 Tarkine Sky Walk