Monday 20th February Waterhouse Conservation Park.

Drizzled during the night so we will get ready and soon as the canvas dries then the camper can be wound up. The wallabies are hanging around. Its 15 deg in shorts so not bad, we got away at 10 am. Heading to Eddiestone Point and Lighthouse. What a lovely spot, we’er only here for a look. Fabulous photography and things to see, but no camping big enough for us. Called into Tomahawk, another fishing village and van park. Staying at Waterhouse Conservation Park at Little Lagoon. This is on the North coast heading towards Devonport.

 Eddiestone Point  Lighthouse at Eddiestone Point.  Boat ramp, Eddiestone Point.  Road through to Tomahawk.  Tomahawk.  Little Lagoon at Waterhouse Conservation, we felt like the Jed Clamberts.  Little Lagoon.  Bush camping at its best. 🙂  Little Lagoon.


Day 62

Saturday 2nd May

Called into Mawson Bay, what a lovely wee fishing village, we did call into others on our way but all very similar this one we spent some time, the rock formations and just the feel about the place. we carried onto Marrawah stopping at what we wanted to look at, lovely rough coast line. Camping at Marrawah is a very small area, by the sea, toilets very handy but our set up is to big for the area, probably couple of vans and a few tents would be about it.

IMG_5522  Bluff Hill PointIMG_5538  Mawson BayIMG_5553 IMG_5569 IMG_5571
IMG_5679 IMG_5675  Heading out to West Point State Reserve.IMG_5687 IMG_5680  Beautiful Colours in the rocksIMG_5690 IMG_5738  Don is standing on the orginal lighthouse prior to being moved to the Bluff pointIMG_5727 IMG_5766  Storm is coming and what a beautiful sight to get the full rainbow.IMG_5846 IMG_5877 IMG_5686 IMG_5880 IMG_5892  Tiny pony at Marrawah Green point.IMG_5890 IMG_5909 IMG_5922 Tarkine Sky Walk

Day 45

Wednesday 15th April   3rd day on Bruny Island

We got sorted nice and early this morning as we are going to the Cape Lighthouse. Weather was good, windy and bit chilly but had a great time, Coast line here is so rough and beautiful. Saw a Albino Wallaby, there are quiet a few here on the island, the drive back to van park was interesting scenery, the island is bigger than I thought. We have been staying at the van park but a mistake in our booking gave us a very flash house for a night so we moved base.

DSCF4847  Seen better daysDSCF4850  Here at a lookout pulled in this beautiful car.IMG_3581HMASCanberra  HMAS Canberra ship anchoring in the bay for the night.IMG_3598  One of the many wee walking tracks, just nice.IMG_3601  View from the cape Bruny light stationIMG_3608 IMG_3612  Cape Bruny Lighthouse, the kids walking up in the bushes on the path. This had 1836 A.D. on the front, it is not working now and cant be used by the public to look inside, shes getting old.IMG_3614  View from the light house.IMG_3632 IMG_3636  Incredible coast line, all the Basalt rock formations.IMG_3776 Albino Wallaby, no Kangaroos on Bruny.

Heading back to airport.

Saturday 23rd April

Sadly our wonderful trip has come to it’s last day but we will be taking it all in along the way and stopping for that odd photo, as we do. We packed up and left the cabin at 10 am. Took our time and lots of stops to see the many wonderful views along this Great Ocean Road. Traffic was very heavy so made stopping a bit difficult at times. This whole area is a photographer dream. The weather was very overcast and grey skies. These images are just a sample of what there is to see, to many to put into this site but will upload more into my Gallery soon.

Child enjoying the water. This wee child was playing with the water coming in and out, it was quiet rough, but being a kid, what a lot of fun.

Great Ocean Road Starts.

Here is the beginning of the Great Ocean Road, quiet a magnificent entrance to a remarkable drive.

Split Point Lighthouse.                      This is the Split Point Light house at Airley’s inlet, along the Great Ocean Road.

Queenscliff Lighthouse. Victoria.                Queenscliff Light house down at Queenscliff on the Peninsula out from Geelong, Victoria.

This has been a very long day but incredible. We went and dropped the hire car off and flew back to Queensland, getting into the airport in Qld at 11.40 pm, the flight was a bit bumpy and we are very tired with lots of smiles on our faces. Until the next trip, :)))))

Cape Otway

Monday 18th April

Heading to Cape Otway and lighthouse. Maits rest, a very beautiful spot, only up the road from where we are staying, we called in and did the circuit walk without our cameras to see what it is like, very nice, we will be back. Weather permitting. Carried on to the Cape Otway, real nice view, getting overcast. Did all the sight seeing bits, a lot of history here.

Otway Lighthouse.

Very majestic as you walk up the hill. Otway Lighthouse, Victoria.

View from lighthouse We climbed up and this is the view from the lighthouse. Beach side.

Looking back to the settlement from lighthouse. This is the view looking back towards the settlement.

Koala On our way out we stopped and there we several Koala’s in trees, but this one was the closest for a photo but looking up into the bright sky is not good, but at least we can see Koala, sleeping, looks so uncomfortable. When we got home to the cabin decided to pop into Apollo Bay for Fish & Chips for tea, wondering along the beach front we saw a shop with specials, they had lovely big jackets on special for $20 bucks, yes we were cold so bought one each, still going well today, 2 years on. 🙂