Cape Otway

Monday 18th April

Heading to Cape Otway and lighthouse. Maits rest, a very beautiful spot, only up the road from where we are staying, we called in and did the circuit walk without our cameras to see what it is like, very nice, we will be back. Weather permitting. Carried on to the Cape Otway, real nice view, getting overcast. Did all the sight seeing bits, a lot of history here.

Otway Lighthouse.

Very majestic as you walk up the hill. Otway Lighthouse, Victoria.

View from lighthouse We climbed up and this is the view from the lighthouse. Beach side.

Looking back to the settlement from lighthouse. This is the view looking back towards the settlement.

Koala On our way out we stopped and there we several Koala’s in trees, but this one was the closest for a photo but looking up into the bright sky is not good, but at least we can see Koala, sleeping, looks so uncomfortable. When we got home to the cabin decided to pop into Apollo Bay for Fish & Chips for tea, wondering along the beach front we saw a shop with specials, they had lovely big jackets on special for $20 bucks, yes we were cold so bought one each, still going well today, 2 years on. 🙂