Monday 20th February Waterhouse Conservation Park.

Drizzled during the night so we will get ready and soon as the canvas dries then the camper can be wound up. The wallabies are hanging around. Its 15 deg in shorts so not bad, we got away at 10 am. Heading to Eddiestone Point and Lighthouse. What a lovely spot, we’er only here for a look. Fabulous photography and things to see, but no camping big enough for us. Called into Tomahawk, another fishing village and van park. Staying at Waterhouse Conservation Park at Little Lagoon. This is on the North coast heading towards Devonport.

 Eddiestone Point  Lighthouse at Eddiestone Point.  Boat ramp, Eddiestone Point.  Road through to Tomahawk.  Tomahawk.  Little Lagoon at Waterhouse Conservation, we felt like the Jed Clamberts.  Little Lagoon.  Bush camping at its best. 🙂  Little Lagoon.