Heading back to airport.

Saturday 23rd April

Sadly our wonderful trip has come to it’s last day but we will be taking it all in along the way and stopping for that odd photo, as we do. We packed up and left the cabin at 10 am. Took our time and lots of stops to see the many wonderful views along this Great Ocean Road. Traffic was very heavy so made stopping a bit difficult at times. This whole area is a photographer dream. The weather was very overcast and grey skies. These images are just a sample of what there is to see, to many to put into this site but will upload more into my Gallery soon.

Child enjoying the water. This wee child was playing with the water coming in and out, it was quiet rough, but being a kid, what a lot of fun.

Great Ocean Road Starts.

Here is the beginning of the Great Ocean Road, quiet a magnificent entrance to a remarkable drive.

Split Point Lighthouse.                      This is the Split Point Light house at Airley’s inlet, along the Great Ocean Road.

Queenscliff Lighthouse. Victoria.                Queenscliff Light house down at Queenscliff on the Peninsula out from Geelong, Victoria.

This has been a very long day but incredible. We went and dropped the hire car off and flew back to Queensland, getting into the airport in Qld at 11.40 pm, the flight was a bit bumpy and we are very tired with lots of smiles on our faces. Until the next trip, :)))))