Thursday 23rd March. Day 1 of Trial Harbour

Went to “the Wall” yesterday and no photo’s. Weathers been wet.

Heading to Zeeham, get a few stores then off to Trail Harbour. Gorgeous drive, just love it over on the west. Got to Paddy’s place and set the camper up, quiet cool so got organised early for meals etc.

 The Gap  Scenery on the way over to Zeeham,  Queenstown, the mining.  View of Trial Harbour.  The settlement of Trial Harbour.  Coral Fungi.  This is home for how ever long. 🙂  How times gone by.  This is the Shack we have to use when weather gets bad.


Wednesday 8th Cockle Creek

Lovely spot, Cockle Creek is the most southerly road in Australia, Tasmania. Lots of bays, creeks, and little shacks which are very nice I might add. The bush comes down to the ocean. Here are a few images.

Rose Adams shack whom she lived with her husband, quiet a history on her.  Another shack by Rose’s house.   The Whale.  Cockle Creek bay.