Day 17

Monday 17th February

We had to go into Scone again today and on our way home we did some tiki-touring, up to the Tewarri NP, very nice, camping, big sites, toilets, lots of shade and water in creek when there’s water. On our way back also we came across a big wide load, took both sides of the road and had 3 Prime movers pulling it and 2 Prime movers pushing, didn’t realize how long it was until it started to pass, so I got what shots I could.

IMG_7698  One of the many land marks in the National Park of Tewarri.IMG_7709  Another dry river.IMG_7712  Quick shot as these birds all flew off, didn’t now they were there until I saw them fly.IMG_7724  Going up to the Tewarri National Park, lots of farms all the way up.IMG_7726  Rock formations..IMG_7745  Wombat up in the area of Washpool camping.IMG_7767  These are very interesting, read the notice below.IMG_7770 IMG_7799  A very wide load.IMG_7816 Amazing site, what a job getting this wide load thru some of the windy roads.