Wednesday 14th August

Woke to the car white with frost, we are wanting to go for the forest walk so will catch the bus and walk from there. Went to Ronny creek and the weather has turned real bad so caught the bus back to info center, back to the cabin and had lunch. We then went back again and did the Pencil Pine Falls walk and then headed to the Kynvet Falls. Was getting colder and wetter so headed back to bus stop again, clouds are so low now cant see much at all. Called into the Waldheim Chalet, there is a lot of history to this place and the couple who had the vision,.

 Cradle mountain is up under that cloud.Dove Lake in the fore ground.  View from up at the Chalet Waldheim.  Upper Pencil Pine Falls  Button Grass  Ronny Creek.  Crater Lake walk way from Ronny Creek.  Moss and Lichen on all the trees  View from the Waldheim Chalet looking towards Cradle Mountain.

Walking platforms so as not to damage the foliage.

Moss all over everything.

Pencil Pine  walk

Lower Pencil Pine falls

Beautiful Enchanted Forest

Part of the walk

Kynvet Falls

This is the track to the  Dove Canyon


Saturday 18th March – Maria Island

Caught the boat at 9 am only took 50 min to get to Maria Island. Lovely trip seeing the land from where you have come. Saw a pod of dolphins very beautiful. On the Island we did a 9 km walk taking in the Fossil cliffs, Painted cliffs, and everything in between. You take everything you need as well as your water intake for the day as there is no shops or supplies and you take all rubbish home. Lots of old ruins, just far to many to post in the website. Long and wonderful day, extremely windy late afternoon which was tiring. Caught the boat back at 4.30 pm. Very steep hills to climb but pace yourself and its worth it. I do have lots of photos in this posting so take your time. Enjoy. 🙂

 Our ferry, its very cool at present, its 8 am. Another plant.
 Off to drop the crayfish pots.  Old plant that is now not working, not sure what they were producing.  These people are heading back from sleeping over.  Silo’s.  We’re all taking in the view of where we’ll be for the next 6 hours.  I did the red circuit and the orange circuit.  Jetty in background, silos can be seen.  Dormitories.  BBQ and shelters. Looking back over towards Triabunna.

Whale bones, Ribs I was told.

 Wombat wondering around.  Top 2 images are fossils of sea shells, Oysters.  Fossils quarry down on left.  This is the way to start climbing the hill over there yonder, you can see some people in the right hand side going up the track.  Convict Barn from 1844  Looking down to the settlement.  Tasmanian Native Hen.  Fossils quarry cliff, the person shows just how big it is.

Sleeping wombat.

 View from half way up the hill on circuit.  Painted Cliffs. Heading down to the Painted cliffs, the peninsula out across the bay is where they are. Tide in makes it a bit harder to get good shots of the cliffs, I’ll just do what I can.  On way back to settlement where the Maria ferry will pick us up in the bay from Jetty.






Friday 24th February Day 70

Hit the road at 11 am and it is 18 deg, just lovely. Went and checked out Bells Bay, its more like a port really for the coal. We carried onto Beaconsfield and had lunch. From here we headed for Nawantapu NP and the hema took us the shortest route but took twice as long but the scenery was awesome. Camped at Bakers Beach.

 Very big campsites.  Wombats here are suffering with a mange that is killing them, you can see the lack of fur on the rump.  Sunset


Day 92

Monday 1st June

We had a day out at the Natureworld in Bicheno, they are doing a wonderful job of saving the Tasmanian Devil, as they run a breeding program and release them to where they will be safe from the Cancer Facial Tumors. By going to the park you are actually helping them with your fee’s to keep this program going. Here are some of the animals that I got photos of.

1_IMG_0971  Sign on road side, cant miss it.IMG_0710  White Peacock, I assume it’s Albino, but not sure.IMG_0726  PeacockIMG_0731  Emu’s playing around.IMG_0752 IMG_0754  GooseIMG_0760  Ducks, not good lighting but I took it as they are so colourfulIMG_0774  Deer running, got spooked.IMG_0783  Big Yarn, they do this when they are stressed, Tasmanian DevilIMG_0799  Native Hen, this one was really going off.IMG_0803  Kangaroo looking for tidbits.IMG_0828  Tasmanian Devil, she was chasing the male away.IMG_0843  Kangaroo and big bub.IMG_0852  Wedgetail eagle.IMG_0937  Tasmanian DevilIMG_0962  WombatIMG_0969 Finally got to look down the throat of a Tasmanian Devil.

Day 17

Monday 17th February

We had to go into Scone again today and on our way home we did some tiki-touring, up to the Tewarri NP, very nice, camping, big sites, toilets, lots of shade and water in creek when there’s water. On our way back also we came across a big wide load, took both sides of the road and had 3 Prime movers pulling it and 2 Prime movers pushing, didn’t realize how long it was until it started to pass, so I got what shots I could.

IMG_7698  One of the many land marks in the National Park of Tewarri.IMG_7709  Another dry river.IMG_7712  Quick shot as these birds all flew off, didn’t now they were there until I saw them fly.IMG_7724  Going up to the Tewarri National Park, lots of farms all the way up.IMG_7726  Rock formations..IMG_7745  Wombat up in the area of Washpool camping.IMG_7767  These are very interesting, read the notice below.IMG_7770 IMG_7799  A very wide load.IMG_7816 Amazing site, what a job getting this wide load thru some of the windy roads.