Day 92

Monday 1st June

We had a day out at the Natureworld in Bicheno, they are doing a wonderful job of saving the Tasmanian Devil, as they run a breeding program and release them to where they will be safe from the Cancer Facial Tumors. By going to the park you are actually helping them with your fee’s to keep this program going. Here are some of the animals that I got photos of.

1_IMG_0971  Sign on road side, cant miss it.IMG_0710  White Peacock, I assume it’s Albino, but not sure.IMG_0726  PeacockIMG_0731  Emu’s playing around.IMG_0752 IMG_0754  GooseIMG_0760  Ducks, not good lighting but I took it as they are so colourfulIMG_0774  Deer running, got spooked.IMG_0783  Big Yarn, they do this when they are stressed, Tasmanian DevilIMG_0799  Native Hen, this one was really going off.IMG_0803  Kangaroo looking for tidbits.IMG_0828  Tasmanian Devil, she was chasing the male away.IMG_0843  Kangaroo and big bub.IMG_0852  Wedgetail eagle.IMG_0937  Tasmanian DevilIMG_0962  WombatIMG_0969 Finally got to look down the throat of a Tasmanian Devil.